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Cheap Eternit Tiles – Prices, Where to Buy

At Eternit tiles are making a great sales success in stores, being one of the main elements to assemble the coverage of houses. The pieces are resistant, make a perfect fit and come in different models. If you want to build a modern and comfortable home, it’s worth getting to know Eternit’s catalogue.

Price of Eternit tiles (Photo: Reproduction/Eternit)

What this article covers:

What is an Eternit tile?

Fiber cement tiles are resistant, beautiful, economical and widely used in civil construction. The versions known as Eterville represent an innovation in the Eternit catalog and are similar to ceramic pieces. Metallic tiles already have a tradition in the market and are used for the elaboration of different projects. Based on modern architecture, the Eternit transparent tiles also illustrate the company’s catalogue.

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Where to buy used Eternit tile?

Some construction stores resell the product, but as long as it is in good condition. You can also find these products on sites like OLX or even Mercado Livre, but remember to take some precautions before buying without knowing the seller.

Advantages of buying a used Eternit tile

The first advantage is that you save. Used tiles are cheaper and this relieves your pocket, even more so in times of inflation. The other advantage that can be pointed out is the issue of waste and environmental production. The environment appreciates it when we give new life to products that until then would end up in the trash.

Places to buy new Eternit tiles

If you don’t know where to buy Eternit tiles, it’s worth finding out about the addresses of retailers. On the official website of the company there is a search engine that displays the address of the branch closest to you. As for the prices of Eternit, fiber cement and metallic tiles, they vary according to the model. Before the purchase, the consumer can compare the values ​​and make a budget. Discover the best solutions for your roof by accessing Eternit website🇧🇷

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Eternit Group

The Eternit Group has operated in Brazil since 1940 and over time has managed to innovate its work proposal. Thanks to new investments in technology in the industries, Eternit is considered a leader in the national tile manufacturing market.

Eternit has factories in every corner of the country, including the states of São Paulo, Goiás, Rio de Janeiro and Paraná. to carry out the sale of cheap Eternit tiles, the company has retail branches in the cities of Simão Filho (BA), Goiânia (GO), São Paulo (SP), Colombo (PR), Rio de Janeiro (RJ) and Porto Alegre (RS). There are also other authorized reseller stores across the country.

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