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charms of the highest village in Portugal

Situated at an altitude of 1050 meters, the mountain village of Sabugueiro is located in the heart of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park. To not lose.

The shepherds’ temporary shelters gave rise to the foundation of the village of elderberry, a beautiful village that is part of the Serra da Estrela Natural Park. It was there that they found beautiful pastures for their flocks, in a place considered blessed by nature, of rare beauty.

Sabugueiro is made up of rural, simple, granite houses, something very typical in the region, in such a way that an ethnographic museum was created in order to preserve the tradition that is still strong in these parts.

For this reason, this destination is identified as the center of tourism in the mountains, a place where many visitors pass through and stop on their way to the imposing Serra da Estrela.

In this sense, the growth of tourism is really what has helped to preserve and boost the local charms and the region’s products, such as the famous Serra cheeseham and sausages, honey, sheep wool rugs and even the creation of the famous mountain dogs that stroll slowly through the streets of the village.

Incidentally, Elderberry is precisely known for being one of the main breeding grounds for this canine breed.

What can you visit in Sabugueiro?

Sabugueiro is one of the largest parishes in the entire Serra da Estrela Natural Park and not only stands out for its elevated location, but also for its natural resources, including the waterfalls and the unique mountain vegetation.

For these reasons, the village is one of the best starting points to get to know not only Serra da Estrela – as if you needed any reason to, but also some of the beautiful surrounding villages.

village of san roman

São Romão is considered the richest town in the municipality, in terms of natural resources and heritage. It is endowed with beautiful natural landscapes and it is also there that the river Cobrão is born.

The village has ancient origins, according to the existing archaeological site, whose occupation dates back to the Chalcolithic Period, ie around 1,200 BC. It even became the county seat in the 18th century, but gradually lost its administrative importance.

In São Romão, it is worth visiting the Igreja Matriz, the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora do Desterro, from which you can see the curious “Cabeça da Velha” and the Museum of Sacred Art.

village of Sandomil

Also close to Sabugueiro, is the village of Sandomil, bathed by the crystalline Alva River and whose rural landscape is the village’s greatest asset, due to the existence of water mills, watermills and the fantastic River Beach of sparkling waters.

Calm and silence reigns among its mountain streets, allowing you to calmly enjoy the most emblematic places, such as the Roman Bridge, the old Town Hall building, today a coat of arms, the Parish Church with its curious Leaning Tower , the granite Chapels of S. Sebastião and S. João Baptista,

Sabugueiro Hydroelectric Power Plant

This plant is part of the Serra da Estrela hydroelectric project. Well, nearby, following the road towards the village of São Romão that we mentioned, you can find the Electricity Museum, in Senhora do Desterro.

community oven

The Community Oven is a place full of generational history. Over the years, it was used by almost all the families in the parish to bake “Pão do Sabugueiro”, a central element of the diet that supported the families for several days.

Even today it is possible to observe many inhabitants who arrive there with trays on their heads, to bake the tasty bread??

Ethnographic Museum

The Community Oven is just one of the many rural aspects of villagewith emphasis on pastoralism and agricultural sowing, which you can discover in this museum, right next door.

Waterfall of Fervença in Sabugueiro
The spectacular Fervença waterfall is one of the attractions not to be missed

Cascade of Fervença

The clear waters of Serra da Estrela extend along the entire territory, falling in a cascade. However, Fervença is one of the most beautiful, being formed precisely by the river that gives it its name.

It falls over the mountain at a height of about 20 meters and is surrounded by an enviable natural landscape, populated by rivers and streams, tumultuous paths and houses covered with thatch and slate. If you like historical and bucolic places, you will love this space.

Blacksmith’s Fountain

According to a local legend, Fonte do Ferreiro has fresh water in the summer and warm water in the winter, thus being more than just a place to visit, it is almost a pilgrimage point for the inhabitants who fill jugs and demijohns there, but also use the place as a watering place for the animals. Next to it, there is a community tank.

Bridge over the Alva River

It is on this old stone bridge that you can see the mills where the rye harvested on the slopes of the mountain was once ground and which help to feed the population that dedicated itself to the countryside and pastoralism.

Where to eat?

Naturally, after so many walks, adventures and discoveries, the stomach begins to give hours and in the region you will find many good spaces to enjoy the delicious and typical portuguese gastronomy?? Of course, the famous Serra cheese and sausages are part of the menu. We leave some suggestions:

  • Mirante da Estrela: Rua do Comércio 60, 6270-151 Sabugueiro
  • Casa da Ponte: Rua do Comércio 3, 6270-151 Sabugueiro
  • O Nevão: Rua da Barreira 151, 6270-151 Sabugueiro
  • Mir’Alva: Rua do Comércio 27, 6270-151 Sabugueiro

Where to stay?

To be able to enjoy the charms of Sabugueiro in particular and Serra da Estrela in general, then take the opportunity and take a relaxing mini-vacation. For this, these accommodations will welcome you as if you were at home:

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