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Charly López denies Ingrid Coronado and only expected the death of Fernando del Solar

Charly López attacked Ingrid Coronado.

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Charlie Lopez ensures that things did not happen as Ingrid Coronado told it during a recent interview with Yordi RosadoWell, in reality, he only “told half-truths” and what is convenient for him, because to clean up his image he victimized himself.

In an interview with TVNotas, the former Garibaldi said that he knows the presenter because he lived with her and they had a child, so he dares to say that the story he told was to say that he suffered, when the reality is different.

In addition, he accused her of being a cold and calculating woman, since it is not always women who suffer, because although he confesses that he has also made mistakes, he came to suffer and it hurts him that he makes him look like “the villain of history” putting against the son they procreated during their marriage despite the fact that he was the one who cared for him when he was little; In addition to revealing that it was he who terminated her marriage because she failed, revealing that she was unfaithful and not only to him but to all of her partners.

“She repeats patterns, with one partner and another, Was I bad by little? Fernando del Solar (RIP) was bad?; Samuel, the cousin of Alan Tacher with whom he was with, was he bad? We have all been bad,” he added.

He was specific in assuring that he did not allow Fernando del Solar to see his children knowing that he had cancer, and he asked him for help due to the constant criticism he received.

But when the health of the Argentine presenter worsened, she “began to extract copper“Because in reality she was never there for him, because as revealed by the actor himself, she was waiting for his death.

“In the program he said that he went to a work event when Fer was ill, but he did not tell Yordi that Del Solar had a nurse, he slept in another room because my ex could not stand the sounds of oxygen, and that time As she was leaving for her event, she told the nurse: ‘let me know when the man stops breathing’. That’s how Fer told me; he asked her not to leave her, and she set priorities, that is not done! ”, he adds.

Charly concludes that Ingrid Coronado has spoken up to now because the driver is no longer there to defend himself, but when they were together she hurt him with her actions.

“He was blunt and told me: ‘I didn’t do it because everything that was said about her was sadly true. When I was bad, she threw me out of the bedroom, everything annoyed her, she insulted me, He treated me badly, that’s why I left the house, because it was hurtful. Why would he defend her if it was all true?’ She kept me quiet, it wasn’t that Fer wanted to leave home, it was because she couldn’t handle it anymore ”.

And he defended Anna Ferro again, noting that if Fernando del Solar removed Ingrid Coronado from the inheritance, it was because he knew her well enough.

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