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Charlotte Perrelli has sold the luxury villa in Marbella – for SEK 70 million

In 2019, Charlotte Perrelli and her husband invested in a lavish villa outside Marbella. Now the couple has sold the home for SEK 70 million, it reports Home news.

Photo: Instagram @laperrelli

Charlotte Perrelli and her husband Anders Jensen live everyday in a large villa on Djursholm, but in 2019 they also bought a luxurious holiday home in exclusive El Madroñal just north of Marbella.

Bought the property in 2019

The home itself has a fantastic sea view as well as five bedrooms and six bathrooms. The magnificent house is 745 square meters in size, built in a modernist style and characterized by bright and fresh color choices. The architecture is stripped down and elegant. As the icing on the cake, the property has a 50 square meter infinity pool.

“It’s a very nice area, it’s peaceful and it’s dead quiet. This is exactly what we were looking for,” Perrelli told The evening paper 2019. “It took us over two years and we probably looked at between fifteen and twenty houses before we found the right one. But when we got here, both Anders and I felt that this is exactly what we were looking for.”

According to the newspaper, the price tag should have been around SEK 50 million, something the couple chose not to comment on.

Sold the luxury villa after three viewings

In September reported Happened that the luxury villa was again up for sale – this time for a starting price of 6,750,000 euros, which corresponds to approximately 72 million Swedish kronor.

It would turn out to be a relatively simple matter to sell the villa. In a post Charlotte Perrelli published on Instagram in November, she shared that no more than three views were required:

“SOLD…. We have a few months left to spend here but then we will hand over the keys to the next owner. As we have enjoyed this place. The whole family and relatives. Thank you Oak Valley for everything…. Now new adventures await.♥️ After only three viewings…. More than us who fell head over heels for this place,” she wrote at the time.

“Looking forward to our dream house”

According to Home news the property was sold for SEK 70 million, which means that Charlotte and her husband have probably made a profit of around SEK 20 million.

However, the deal does not mean that it will not be long before Charlotte and her family will vacation in Marbella again. In another message The Express the artist tells us that they have already bought a new home in the area:

“We found one over a year ago that we have bought. We are doing an extensive renovation and look forward to our dream house when it is finished. Hopefully sometime during the summer,” says the artist.

Check out pictures of the villa below!

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