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Charlotte Perrelli about the children’s Christmas presents – it is important that everyone gets the same amount

Charlotte Perrelli celebrates Christmas in winter gear in Åre every year with her family. But just like in other families, there are questions about Christmas presents and how best to do it. In an interview with Amelia tells Charlotte about how she thinks about the children’s Christmas presents – and what she herself is happy about under the tree!

Photo: Instagram @laperrelli

Charlotte Perrelli celebrates Christmas together with her family and extended family in Åre every year. After a singing session in the church, Santa arrives with reindeer or horse and carriage down to the square. The rest of the evening is celebrated in the family’s house where the presents are opened, and after that they eat the Christmas table in the evening, where there are both classics and something new and exciting every year.

It is important that the children receive the same number of Christmas presents

Charlotte says in the interview that she creates the best Christmas atmosphere with decorations and music. The favorite is “Nu tändas tusen juleljs” from 1981, which Agnetha Fätskog recorded together with her daughter Linda. When it comes to Christmas presents, it is important that the children get something they want but also something they need. “It can be new headphones, skis, a ski jacket, school bag and some years Playstation. High and low,” says Charlotte.

For her, the number of claps is among the most important, which means that some planning is required to make it fair. “If I buy a really nice expensive gift, everyone must get their expensive nice gift for the same value. But the number of pats feels almost even more important, so that one child is not sitting with ten Christmas presents and another with two expensive ones.

Likes surprises under the tree

When it comes to her own wishes and what she hopes will be under the tree, she thinks surprises are the most fun. “It can be something you need, but which also has a little ‘surprise’ about it. Anders is very good at surprising me with a super nice bag or something I didn’t expect at all.”

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