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Charlotte Kalla about competing in Let’s Dance as a pregnant woman

With nine Olympic medals in her bag and as one of our greatest cross-country skiers of all time, Charlotte Kalla will now take on a completely different sport. On Saturday, it’s time for her to step on the dance floor in Let’s Dance, and this also makes her historic, as she competes as the first pregnant participant ever.

Photo: TV4

IN After Five tells Charlotte Kalla about the feelings before competing in Let’s dance in the spring. Recently, Kalla shared a post on social media in which she revealed that she and her partner are expecting an increase in the summer, which means that she will participate in the dance competition program as the first pregnant participant ever.

“Not quite planned”

“Maybe this wasn’t completely planned,” reveals Charlotte Kalla when she is a guest on TV4’s Efter fem. She also says that it wasn’t completely obvious to say yes to the question, but because she likes challenges, it was still a yes in the end. “I wasn’t pregnant when I signed the contract,” she says. But despite the pregnancy, she has felt very well. “Having fun is the most important thing,” she says of her attitude before the dance competition.

Completed skiing career

Charlotte Kalla has now put her skiing career on the shelf, which meant that life changed a bit for the former elite athlete. “Above all, I have appreciated having free weekends and all the opportunities that this entails, being free together with family and friends,” she says about the new existence. She also thinks it’s nice to now be able to adapt a little more to others. “There is so much fun to do, it’s hard to limit yourself,” she says in the program.

Let’s Dance premieres on Saturday 18 March on TV4.

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