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Charlotte Adelgaard takes SuperOffice to new heights

Charlotte Adelgaard, who has a background in sales, previously worked for large companies such as Oracle, Cisco Systems and SAP in Canada and the USA. For almost two years now, she has been one of the leaders at SuperOffice, one of the Nordics’ largest SaaS companies in the CRM industry with the goal of reaching 1 billion in turnover.

After being acquired by the PE firm Axcel a year ago, SuperOffice has grown to become the largest in the Nordics in CRM and helps medium-sized B2B companies build strong and long-term relationships with their customers to increase efficiency and revenue.

SuperOffice was already founded in 1990 in Norway and 1991 in Sweden and has over 5,000 customers and nearly 300 employees in seven countries around Europe. The company has a focus on sales, customer service and market and has had a 24% increase in turnover compared to 2021, with a growing subscription service. The goal is to reach 1 billion in turnover within five years.

Charlotte Adelgaard sees the exciting growth journey and the work with the organization as a challenge, where she can learn a lot from smaller organizations compared to the large companies she previously worked for. For the past two years, she has driven the company’s growth and developed the offer for the market with several exciting key roles in sales and marketing both in Sweden and in the central organization.

SuperOffice also focuses on optimizing resources and improving the product to be at the forefront when it comes to development. Adelgaard also sees great potential in continuing to grow in existing markets and taking more ground in new markets. The company’s goal going forward is to build a good and healthy business for the employees for at least another 30 years.

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