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charging your car at home can help you save

The PRIO store’s domestic charging solutions make it possible to adjust electricity costs with electric mobility.

Increasingly, with the energy crisis installed in Europe, it is important to know solutions that are an extra help to everyone’s economy – especially when it comes to the energy bill. Therefore, you must already be doing math and considering possible savings options. THE PRIO store introduces you to some of them.

For those who own an electric vehicle, there are more points to think about when the goal is to save on monthly bills, after all, you need electricity for your daily mobility. If that’s your case, you’ll be happy to know that there are ways to save some money and one of them is to opt for off-grid charging.

Charging electric car battery at home it is possible with charging solutions available at the PRIO store, which can be an important help when it comes to reducing expenses that impact the family budget. Understand how this idea can be synonymous with economics.

Why have charging solutions at home?

For several reasons: the first one is savings, but there are others.

Car charging at home is a way to save a few euros. Yes, in addition to being a cost-saving solution (let’s think about how much you spend on fuel when you have a traditional car), electric vehicles can be an even more economical form of mobility when you choose to charge your batteries at home. Who hires bi-hourly tariffs, for example, can take advantage of the times when your energy tariff is cheaper🇧🇷

In addition, it is a more convenient way to charge the car, after all, it is the place where the vehicle probably spends the most time stopped – and this brings us to the next point, that of preserving the battery.

If we can opt for extended load times over fast mode, then we should. Slow charging constitutes an important advantage: that of preserving the useful life of the batteries. That is, it is a way to take care of your vehicle.

One way to charge slowly and more economically is at home, with a wallbox installed.

What is a wallbox?

One wallbox is, in short, a type of charger fixed to the wall that allows domestic charging of electric vehicles. Its main objective is to allow charging the car’s battery in a faster and safer way.

Although most electric vehicles come with a charging cable that can be connected directly to the traditional 220V outlet you have at home or in your garage, the truth is that this option is not very viable as it requires a very long charging period. – which can sometimes take up to 48 hours. For that very reason, the wallbox are advised for those who want a faster process.

They are not all the same and can have different powers, be sold with or without a cable and allow, or not, the management of charging via smartphone🇧🇷

There are many home charging options available at the PRIO store, and to choose you must take into account your profile and your energy consumption needs. A right choice allows for the best battery control.

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AC wall charger: 2Kw up to 22Kw

Low-cost, compact-installation domestic charger with a single-phase or three-phase connection. Hose holder included.
Applications: residential, car parks, shopping centres, condominiums, companies, hotels, restaurants.

Price:€655 | free shipping

Cable type 2 three-phase mode-3

Allows you to charge up to 22kW from your home wallbox or most public charging stations.
– Type II cable with 5 meters.
– Includes signaling cone.
-More robust than any other cable.
– Water resistance.


Electric mobility is not a thing of the future. It is already a reality and is here to stay.

If you own a vehicle powered by electricity, or want to buy one, you know that this is a wise choice for the environment and for the future of all of us – but it is also, and above all, a form of saving.

Here are good suggestions for domestic charging to take into account at a time when economy is a watchword for Portuguese families.

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