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Charge your phone every night? why not do it

You’ve lost count of the times you’ve heard that charge your phone every night it addicts the battery, certainly. For many people – even if they don’t know if it’s true or not – “prevention is better than cure”, which is why they avoid doing it. For others it doesn’t matter, because the truth is that it’s very practical to leave the phone charging while we sleep (which is, in most cases, one of the only situations in which we don’t use it).

Find out if, in fact, this is a myth or if charging your phone every night really addicts the battery or damages your phone in some way.

Does charging your phone every night make the battery worse?

This is a debate that doesn’t seem to end. In addition to having heard this statement countless times, there are many others that are associated with this one. For example, whether or not to let the battery run down before charging it; whether or not to load the smartphone up to 100%; whether to keep it close to you while you sleep, among others.

The doubts are, in fact, more than many and end up causing some confusion, not least because all you don’t want is to contribute to the degradation, in one way or another, of your smartphone.

Now, in answer to this question, the answer is simple: it all depends on the phone you have and when it was produced and released. And why does it depend? Because the “age” of your device dictates the components used to build the phone.

Therefore, if you asked this question a few years ago, we would certainly immediately say that “yes”, charging the cell phone every night makes the battery worse. But if we take into account the smartphones In recent years, the situation is not quite the same.

Cell phone components matter

In other words, it all depends on whether the smartphone has or does not have a Lithium battery. In mid-2012, this type of battery began to be used in more and more mobile phones and it was from that moment on that the situation changed.

A lithium battery can be seen as an intelligent component. It’s because? Because it works on a cycle basis, which means that, for example, when it reaches 100% charging, it automatically stops charging. This fact ends up discrediting the fact that a battery can be addicted if it is charged all night.

So, if your smartphone is recent, this should not happen, because even connected to the mains, the battery does not charge beyond 100%, not consuming more energy.

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must let the smartphone download every night?

No, don’t. Exactly because we are talking about mobile phones with lithium batteries, this situation should be avoided as much as possible. Of course, if this happens very sporadically – for not having the charger nearby, for example -, there is no risk of the battery becoming addicted.

The problem is making it the rule. If you let your phone run down every night, it will drain the battery faster than you think, as it’s damaging the lifespan of the very cycles that a lithium battery works from.

What you should do is load the smartphone when he still has some battery. The advisable is do not let the percentage drop below 20%. With a value lower than that, starting charging is not as advisable as that, but it is still better to extend your phone’s battery life.

What can we then conclude?

You smartphones newer ones are built to realize that they should stop charging when the battery is already charged. However, make a smartphone continue to plug in for several hours after full charging may bring a additional wear that impairs the service life of the smartphone.

If you don’t have a battery, obviously you should charge the smartphone. However, try to be careful that this do not stay connected for long hours after the battery is fully charged.

When the battery smartphone is charged, electric current is transferred at different speeds. This little “technique” allows the phone to charge faster, but it can also corrode lithium-ion batteries faster.

That is, even if, in theory, the battery is not addicted to charging the mobile phone every night, it is advisable not to leave it connected to the mains for too long so as not to harm other components and compromise the useful life of the smartphone.

Man charging his cell phone every night

How to increase the battery life of a smartphone

Of course, you cannot expect the battery to last “a lifetime”, as the fact that they are lithium also has its disadvantages, namely the fact that they have a shorter cycle life than older batteries.

This happens because this new generation of components works based on cycles that are not infinite. This means that when a battery reaches 100% charge, one more cycle has been used, giving way to the next one.

In fact, batteries are usually one of the first components (if not the first) to show signs of wear and tear that could possibly lead to their replacement. This happens because a smartphonethe more advanced it is, the more it demands of all the components that build it.

Things like watching movies, playing games or using very heavy applications at the same time, make the phone work at “full steam”. This can also lead to overheating of the device, and in rare cases, the battery can even burn out as it is the most “vulnerable” component.

There are even some tips you can follow to keep your battery “healthy”, such as not always turning on the energy saving mode and not using cables or other accessories that are not the original ones to charge the battery.

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