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Central bank Inter: how to contact?

To get in touch with the Inter bank central is simple and everything by internet or telephone. Digital banks were an innovation that greatly facilitated the lives of millions of people. At Banco Inter it is no different.

You no longer have to stand in line for hours, or go to a physical bank. If you have an account at this bank, I will explain how you can get in touch and solve your current problem.

What this article covers:

Despite the quality of the platform, unforeseen events and instabilities can happen. As it is a digital bank, they provide several means of contact to meet the demand of their customers. There are 5 different ways to request a service, see your options below.

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Banco Inter phone numbers

On the Inter bank website they provide five different telephone numbers. Each one with its function. Great means of communication for those who prefer humanized care.7

With so many numbers, it’s difficult to know who to call to get assistance on a specific matter. Therefore, we have separated the phones below by topics and purposes.

Banco Inter card SAC

The SAC phone number is 0800 940 9999. It is available at any time and day of the week as well. It serves you to make complaints, request some type of cancellation and give suggestions for improving the service.

What is the Banco Inter relationship center?

To get in touch with the team that serves customers, just call the customer relationship center. inter bank?? This is the ideal place to ask any questions and ask for help.

Three different numbers are available: 3003 4070 (for capitals and metropolitan regions), 0800 979 7099 (speech or hearing impaired) and 0800 940 0007 (for other locations).

It is interesting to have an exclusive channel for people with disabilities, so they can be independent and not fail to use a digital bank due to customer service.

Banco Inter help center and chat

Before looking for a number to call, you can check the most frequently asked questions in the Help Center on the website or in your bank app. If you don’t find something compatible with what you need, you can open a chat to clear your doubts.

Banco Inter help center and chat

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The first contact is made by an automated robot. After selecting the options related to the subject you want to address, you will be forwarded to a real attendant. Where it can be better understood and solve the problem faster.

The differential of Banco Inter’s central office is that they are open even on Saturdays and Sundays, and for 24 hours a day. Literally at any time you have access to this support.

What is Banco Inter’s ombudsman?

The ombudsman is open from 9 am to 6 pm. You can contact them from the number 0800 940 7772. It is for those of you who have tried the previous service channels and still haven’t found a solution to your problem.

Other Banco Inter service channels

At the moment, these are the only support channels available. But you can follow Banco Inter on social media and website to find out about all the updates.

That way, you stay informed and don’t run the risk of falling into scams through other means of communication.

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