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Celia Lora made a burning confession to Paul Stanley despite the fact that she is about to get married | VIDEO

Once again the program “Members on the air” had the honor of having the presence of one of the most popular women in Latin America: Celia Lora.

In addition to having a pleasant chat about how he is doing on social networks and on his personal website, they also had a question and answer dynamic.

In this case, all the questions were raised, but she, with her strong personality, was able to keep the pack of drivers that make up the channel at bay.

In this way, Jose Eduardo DerbezJorge “El Burro” Van Rankin, Yordi Rosado, Raúl “Negro” Araiza and paul stanley They agreed that it is better for them, among several options, to be able to visualize their neighbor pleasing herself.

The latter could not resist asking, “with all due respect”, that if they were neighbors he would carry out said action; she replied yes. This moved him very much.

“El Burro” asked his colleague, if that were the case, what he would do, to which he replied: “No, I would give it a go”, He said no without first apologizing to the parents of playmate Alejandro Lora, leader of the group El Tri, and Chela Lora.

This was very funny to the attendees, Well, he expressed it too sincerely, something that surprised Celia Lora.

In the talk, Celia Lora was asked if she consumed adult films to raise the temperature with her partner or to be able to do it alone.

However, she was blunt and stated that she does not like these types of recordings since she considers them “very cheap” since those who participate in the industry make lousy actors for her.

In the same way, he confessed that on those long lonely nights his hands are enough for him and he does not require toys to satisfy himself.

Mentioning that his imagination is enough to achieve his goals, he said that the actor Adam Douglas Driver is the one who appears in his fantasies.

However, to Yordi Rosado’s express question about whether any of them has appeared in her mind, she immediately replied no. This did not seem like it to Paul Stanley, jokingly, who jumped from his bench to tell him: “But we see first.”

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