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Celia Lora and Dorismar say goodbye to 2022 with a heated collaboration posing topless

Celia Lora and Dorismar pose together with daring lingerie.

Photo: Mezcalent / Mezcalent

Celia Lora She has positioned herself as an expert when it comes to raising the temperature with her hot appearances in Playboy magazine, but also on social networks, defying censorship with daring disclosures, and after pose with Marian Frnaco, Ignacia Michelson Y lizbeth rodrigueznow it was the turn of Dorismarwho She revealed her dazzling beauty and heart-stopping curves in complicity with the Mexican.

The daring collaborations that Celia Lora carries out continue to attract attention mainly within her social networks, where she usually shares risqué images in which she reveals her exuberant silhouette posing with other models who, like her, enjoy showing off her great body with the minimum of clothing

This was how once again the former inhabitant of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ used her official Instagram account to show off before the end of 2022 accompanied by the exuberant model from Buenos Aires, Argentina, with whom she decided turn their backs to the camera wearing only tiny white lingerie, both embracing each other and with their bare torsos.

As expected, the sensual duo managed to cause a stir among their fans, who decided to rate them with more than 160,000 heart-shaped reactions, in addition to a shower of messages.

And although the hot collaborations made by the daughter of the Mexican rock singer Alex Lora Through this medium they have left him with all kinds of reactions, he has also shown that he knows how to attract attention alone. A clear example of this was the postcard that she recently shared in which he posed in profile to the camera with his hands up. revealing her stunning silhouette with a delicate white lace lingerie set and some white details.

While, to show that it remains faithful to the brand that saw it born in the world of adult content, Celia Lora posed again as a sensual playboy bunny in a metallic blue plunging bodysuit and some signature accessories from the fashion emporium. Hugh Hefner.

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