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CDB Daily Liquidity: Check out the main features

Some people who are recently entering the financial market don’t know what CBD is and how it works? Saving money is not a very common habit for Brazilians and when talking about fixed income investment, the most remembered is savings.

With a lower return than inflation, savings are not one of the best investment options today, but there are alternatives for those who want to invest and do not want to risk their money, and one of them is the daily liquidity CDB. Check out what it is and how to invest in this investment model.

What this article covers:

What is daily liquidity CDB?

The Bank Deposit Certificates – CDB, are fixed income securities where the investor can redeem money on a daily basis, without losing profitability. A great option lately because of the low risk. These CDB investment securities are used by the financial institution to fund its activities and later remunerate, with interest, the investor who acquired their securities.

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Having the daily liquidity CDB means that you will have income, regardless of the day you decide to redeem the money that was applied. This is the ideal investment for those who do not know how long it will take to redeem the amount invested in case of emergency or mere desire.

What are the main characteristics of the CBD?

Most daily liquidity CDBs are linked to the CDI, which is a rate that determines the annual yield of various types of business in the investment market. This rate stood at 2.75% in 2020, for example.

This is a type of investment guaranteed by the FGC – Credit Guarantee Fund – making it quite safe, since even with the bankruptcy of the bank in which you invested, the money can be returned, but with a limit of R$ 250 thousand.

Another feature is that no payment of any kind is required to make the investment. However, Income Tax and IOF – Tax on Financial Operations will be charged. Even so, bank certificates of deposit have a better financial return than savings.

There are still options for pre-fixed and post-fixed CDBs, which may use some other rate index for their yield. Therefore, study your financial profile, understand what a bank deposit certificate is and, if you don’t want to take risks when investing your money, know that this is an excellent option.

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