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Cazzu returns to social networks but with one condition for his fans: “Don’t copy me”

cazzugirlfriend of the Mexican singer-songwriter, Christian Nodal, you are not starting 2023 as you would like. Well, she started the year booed by her fans in her native Argentina, and now she asked in networks to stop copying her look, in what was her return to her Instagram.

Both the Argentine and the Mexican moved away from social networks for a few months, an absence that impacted her fans who this time went out of their way to praise the Argentine rapper due to her radical change of lookwhich she accompanied with a revealing Gothic-style outfit without neglecting the sensuality that characterizes her so much.

“Hello. Happy 2023. Do not copy my hairstyles anymore, this is new”is the message with which the 29-year-old singer resumed her Instagram account.

And she shared a photo in which she can be seen happier than ever and with a revealing gothic-style outfit that consists of a black crop top with a deep neckline and that reveals her abdomen to show more of her tattoos, as she usually does. .

In addition, he left his characteristic hairstyle with high pigtails and long hair in the past since She opted for a radical change of look for which she now wears a bob cut with red details, which also accompanied her during her career.a.

She joined the fringe trend, but made it her own by wearing a “baby bang” that consists of cutting it a little above the eyebrows and straight.

Although the return of Julieta Emilia Cazzuchelli, as is the real name of the singer, He was celebrated by his fans, it also generated controversy because many took his message as a hint. for other Argentine singers who have been accused of copying her style.

In the comments, Internet users highlighted that the message about “copying her look” is addressed to Emilia Mernes and María Becerra.

Well, they assure that they also dyed their hair red and began to use the same hairstyle during their presentations. Others indicated that the type of clothing was even very similar to that used by the “Trap Babe”, as Cazzu calls herself.

To this controversy is added that of the presentation of Cazzu at the Bum Bum Festival in Córdoba, Argentina, last weekend, where she was booed by the public who between whistles and shouts demanded that she get off the stage.

For this reason, the trapper exploded and asked for respect: “They pay me a lot to be here, I don’t think so.”

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