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Cazzu, girlfriend of Christian Nodal, explodes in networks for the murder of a child

All of Latin America has been shocked by the case of little Lucio Dupoy, who was murdered by his own mother and her partner, Magdalena Espósito. Such was the impact that the world of music could not be abstracted from the subject, and it was cazzu who raised his voice.

The girlfriend of Christian Nodal She could not remain silent and used her social networks to establish a position on this case, which was practically a lesson in feminism with a cause.

Through his Instagram stories, Nodal’s girlfriend, issued a series of energetic comments so that people understand that “gymnastics should not be confused with magnesia.”

In this sense, he pointed out that in the crime of the 5-year-old boy there are no arguments to defend the “undisputed murderers” when there is “justice as an accomplice.”

“Loathing and helplessness are the only thing that can be felt. But the responsibility of justice and of the undisputed culprits is very clear, and the people know and understand it.”


It can be read in his first comment. Later he fully entered the subject of feminism and the null relationship that exists in the subject:

“For people who somehow want to mention ‘feminism’ in this cause, I want to say: ‘women march because our victimizers are free, because justice does not work and women die. Rapists, stalkers, feminicides. The strange need they have to claim something from feminism in this context does not take place. There is no direct relationship just because the murderers are women.”


On the claims where they ask for the protest of the feminists, Cazzu immediately responded that they are more present than ever, waiting for the same thing as them: “A totally fair sentence for a crime of such magnitude… Lucio should continue with us”expressed the “Trap Babe”.

But things did not end there, as the Argentine singer stated that misogyny looks for any gap or pretext to “surface and deviate from the objective and use a painful cause to attack a noble movement”.

In this case, he said that the boy’s father was not listened to by the authorities like many women and that now they are no longer there: “Don’t be foolish, the enemy is the same enemy of feminism. Justice does not work as it should.”

What is the case of Lucio Dupoy about?

In November 2021, all of Argentina was paralyzed after the murder of the child Lucio Dupoy at the hands of his own mother and her partner, Magdalena Espósito Valenti and Abigail Páez, respectively, became known.

Since then much has been said about the case and as part of the theories it was put on the table that it could be gender hatred, although it was discarded by the authorities after carrying out the respective investigations.

Comments against the culprits were unleashed on social networks, who will know their sentence on February 13, 2023.

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