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Cazzu and Los Ángeles Azules will release a new song that will turn Belinda’s stomach

Argentine singer Julieta Emilia Cazzuchelli, popularly known under the stage name Cazzu, is determined to win over the public in Mexico and the United States, although this implies repeating the successful formula used by the ex-partner of her current boyfriend, Christian Jesús González Nodal.

And it is that The 28-year-old interpreter agreed to record a song for the composer Horacio Palencia, who three years ago was in charge of writing a song for Los Ángeles Azules, where Belinda, the Colombian Lalo Ebratt and even himself also collaborated.

Although the idea of ​​merging the interpretation of four exponents of different musical genres sounded strange, in the end the experiment was a complete success.

Thus, Los Ángeles Azules asked the composer from Rosario, Sinaloa, to compose a new song, which they would originally record with the Santa Fe Klan, but the project failed to materialize and Cazzu joined at the last minute.

They charged me as disloyal. Obviously Belinda and I have a very cool, very nice working relationship. We had a hit together with a song I wrote for her and Los Ángeles Azules, and I also sing it along with her, for which I am super grateful, because he always believed in this issue,” Duarte said in an interview for the television program First hand.

Likewise, the composer acknowledged feeling fascinated after hearing the result of his musical theme once he left the recording studio.

“It’s a song I just wrote. I already listened to it and it was super good.
In this of the artists we do not have exclusivity with anyone
“, he stressed.

It should be noted that the talent of Horacio Palencia allowed him to win the Billboard Latin Music Award for Composer of the Year, in 2012 and 2013, which suggests that the release of his new song, this time with the plus of having the interpretation of the native singer from Jujuy, Argentina, could put him in the crosshairs to add other recognitions, even if this implies a stomach ache for Belinda when she sees how Cazzu’s popularity is on the rise.

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