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‘Cassandro’: what is the film about where Bad Bunny and Gael García kiss

Some images that have been revealed have been very controversial

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Benito Martínez, better known as “Bad Bunny” It has been in the news in recent days for various reasons.

The last one is the product of an image that was spread on social networks where the Puerto Rican singer is shown kissing with the Mexican actor and producer, Gael Garcia.

This image is about the filming of the movie “Cassandro“, whose protagonist will be the Mexican actor García and will narrate the life of a Mexican-American wrestler.

The fighter has a name Saul Armendariz, who is better known as Cassandro. This film will show the athlete’s beginnings in professional wrestling.

He was noted for wearing some colorful outfits in an outlandish way and for using makeup, as well as many other accessories.

The film will explore those challenges that the wrestling professional had to face due to his sexual orientation, especially in Northern Mexico, where he consolidated his career.

It must be remembered that wrestling in Mexico has been considered part of its culture for a long time.

This film is directed by director Roger Ross Williams, and it had its preview at the 2023 Sundance festival, and it is thought that it will be on Amazon Prime this year.

The critical opinion of professionals, who have already seen this tape, has been full of good comments. This good appreciation is also related to the performance of Gael García.

“Bernal’s performance stands out in the numerous wrestling scenes”, “The homosexual hero you didn’t know you needed”, “In and out of the ring, Gael García Bernal offers a stellar performance” are some of the comments that the specialized criticism.

kiss image

The role of Bad Bunny in the aforementioned film will be secondary, but apparently it will have some leading details, since images of the kiss he shares with the actor from Mexico leaked through social networks.

His character is uncertain, but it is known that it is not the only project that is related to the big screen and that the Puerto Rican-born singer has on the doorstep. It is known that he will also star in a Marvel movie.

It is worth noting that “Cassandro” will have the participation of other renowned actors, such as Roberta Colindrez, Raúl Castillo and Joaquín Cosio.

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