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Casa Verde e Amarela: how to participate in the program

The Casa Verde e Amarela program, which replaces the Minha Casa Minha Vida project, offers the population with income up to R$ 7,000.00 access to housing with discounts and lower interest rates in urban areas.

More than offering decent housing for the population, the program also seeks to boost the generation of jobs in the country, in addition to leveraging economic development, by operating in urban and rural areas, in new and used properties.

But how to be part of the Casa Verde e Amarela program? What are the requirements? Keep reading to learn more about the program!

What this article covers:

What is Casa Verde e Amarela and how does it work?

The Casa Verde e Amarela program promotes popular housing that can be paid for in up to 30 years for families with a monthly income of up to R$ 7,000.00.

In addition to offering housing with more affordable conditions, the Casa Verde e Amarela program offers housing improvements and land legalization, which provides families with a better quality of life.

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It is possible to contract financing directly with Caixa, individually, or with the construction company that wants to buy your property. It is still possible to do a simulation with the amount that can be invested for financing.

The beneficiary needs to forward the documentation requested for evaluation, which will be analyzed by Caixa, along with the documentation of the property they wish to buy.

To do so, you need to go to a Caixa branch or to a correspondent. box herewhere the best financing and payment conditions for your property will be evaluated.

If the documentation is valid and approved, it is already possible to sign your contract and start the monthly payment of your financing.

Advantages of Casa Verde e Amarela

Among the advantages of the Casa Verde Amarela program are:

  • Personalized service at Caixa branches;
  • The best financing conditions compatible with family income;
  • Even lower interest rates for residents of the northeast and north regions of the country.

The project also includes the creation of new direct and indirect jobs, and the strengthening of the Brazilian economy.

How to benefit from the program?

The program is divided into three types of beneficiaries, ranging from the lowest monthly income per family to the highest, which reaches up to R$ 7,000.00.

In the first group are families with a gross income of up to R$ 2,000.00; in the second, families with gross income of R$ 4,000.00 reais; and in the last group, those with gross family income of up to R$ 7,000.00 reais.

The highest value for financing a property in the program is BRL 264,000.00 and the discount can reach up to BRL 47,500.00, when considering factors such as family income, region and other social factors that may influence the discount granted.

How are Casa Verde e Amarela calculations made for payment?

Calculations are based on gross family income and the region where the beneficiary is. Regions such as the north and northeast have lower rates, a factor that has a direct influence on the calculations.

How Casa Verde e Amarela is calculated for payment

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The value of the monthly financing installments for the Casa Verde e Amarela program will also be determined according to the beneficiary’s location and gross family income. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the group in which your income is found.

What makes the Casa Verde e Amarela program different from the former Minha Casa Minha Vida?

The main difference between the two social housing programs is the amount of gross income per family that can join the project, in addition to Casa Verde and Amarela having lower interest rates, especially for the population of the north and northeast regions.

Another difference between the programs is their scope. At Casa Verde e Amarela, in addition to easy access to owning a home, it is possible to invest in improving a property, by carrying out land legalization.

The new social housing program Casa Verde e Amarela, more than providing beneficiaries with easy access to their own homes in a dignified manner and with better payment conditions, also promotes the opening of new jobs, which boosts the Brazilian economy, and benefits the population and the development of the country.

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