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Carolina Herrera assures that in 2023 women over 50 must wear wide pants

He has just launched his Spring-Summer 2023 collection

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Venezuelan businesswoman and fashion designerCarolina Herrerais arriving today at 84 years of age.

Herrera has worldwide recognition since he founded his own fashion house in 1981.

She was born into a family settled in Venezuela, that she was used to parties and galas.

At the age of 13, her grandmother took her to a parade of Balenciagawhich made him fall in love with this world of fashion.

At the age of 18, she married the Venezuelan William Behrensand with him she had her first two daughters, Mercedes and Ana Luisa.

After their divorce in 1969, she married the Venezuelan aristocrat Reinaldo Herrera, editor of Vanity Fair magazine.

From this marriage he had two daughters, Carolina Adriana and Patricia Cristina, and it was from him that he took the last name.

At 32, she was already considered one of the best-dressed women in the world. Her daughter, Carolina, is her closest collaborator and has been the image of several of her perfumes. In 2009 she obtained the US citizenship.

Trend in women aged 50

If there is someone with property to give some advice on how to look, it is her own Carolina Herrera, who opined in recent days that women over 50 should wear baggy pants.

These statements were made during fashion week in NY and it was Herrera herself who decided to set an example about what clothes favor these women.

And it is that one of the outfits that he decided to wear was based on flared pants, a very classic piece from the 70s, with a high waist and something fitted through the thighs.

In addition, you added a blouse broad-shouldered, in an outfit that was blue throughout.

But it was not in the public presentation that the Venezuelan gave much to talk about, also with the spring-summer 2023 collection, made by designer Wes Gordon.

Gordon works for the Herrera brand and got a lot of applause. His collection was inspired by flowery, colorful dresses with tulle and even denim.

They are garments with volume, important necklines, openings in the clothes and big flights.

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