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Carnival party decoration

Read the article “Carnival party decor – ideas, photos, how to do it” and find out how to make your get-together more thematic, fun and colorful. Simple measures can make the atmosphere relaxed and perfect for celebrating revelry with friends.

Carnival party decor – ideas, photos, how to do it. (Photo: Disclosure)

Carnival is a popular party in Brazil that infects thousands of people with a lot of excitement. The revelry gains space in the streets, schools and clubs, being characterized by colorful ornaments and the participation of lively people.

There is no doubt that people are freed during Carnival and are willing to enjoy new sensations. Although the festival originated in Greece and was brought to Brazil by the Portuguese, it assumed its own identity in Brazil and became an element of culture.

Brazil has become a reference when it comes to revelry, proof of which is the fact that Rio de Janeiro has the biggest Carnival party in the world, according to the Guinness Book. Other Brazilian cities also stand out because of the carnival spirit, they are: Salvador, Recife, Olinda and Fortaleza.

Lots of confetti and serpentine for your Carnival. (Photo: Disclosure)

Based on this information, it is easier to think of a tailor-made decoration for your Carnival party.

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What this article covers:

Carnival party decor – ideas, photos, how to do it

Currently, Carnival parties take on a very different profile from those that were successful in past decades. The traditional marchinhas gave way to rhythms like samba and axé; carnival masks left the scene so that tiny costumes dominated the scene of the revelry. The evolution of the party is clear, but try to decorate your Carnival party based on the old format.

Relaxing atmosphere at the carnival party (Photo: Globo.com)

Below we will present tips Carnival party decor – ideas, photos, how to do it.

Carnival party decorating tips

All very colorful

First, consider the space that will be decorated, it can be an open or closed area. As it is a very fervent party, it is not necessary to distribute tables to accommodate the guests. In the party environment, think about putting together a cheerful, multicolored decoration that can make the most of the theme.

Colorful puffs, multicolored ornaments and glitter in the decor (Photo: Globo.com)

Abuse of carnival decorations

Several decorations are able to customize the look of the carnival party and infect the guests. In pendant decoration, try working with colorful garlands in the shape of a globe and hang several serpentines from the ceiling.

To give an even more relaxed and modern effect, it is worth using tensioned lycras in various colors. Another form of pendant decoration is to produce larger than conventional masks to hang them from the ceiling.

Carnival decorations should also occupy the vertical space. Illustrations of masks and revelers are welcome, as are the colorful balloon arches that always go well with happy parties. When the Carnival celebration is more familiar, the little tables can be present in the party scene, with thematic arrangements that make the composition very charming.

Carnival themed birthday. (Photo: Disclosure)

Carnival themed birthday

People who have a birthday in February can organize a carnival-themed party. Following this idea, set up a colorful table, decorated with masks, feathers, feathers and many other ornaments that remind you of the date. Confectionery sweets also contribute to the decoration of the main table.

How to make your carnival party?

1. Your party can turn into a big Carnival ball, decorated with lots of colors, carnival panels and other animated elements compatible with the theme. The main table deserves an authentic and bold decoration, with the right to colorful treats, lollipop arrangements and even Styrofoam ornaments. Spread colorful and bright puffs around the party environment.

Food and drink for your party (Photo: Globo.com)

two. Take care in decorating the drinks that will be served at the Carnival ball, making the drinks colorful and ornate (with a weathervane straw, umbrella). Another suggestion, which promises to please the guests, is to distribute accessories to create a carnival look. Confetti packets, colored glasses, paper masks, brightly colored hats, streamers and horns are some ideas for props.

carnival decoration pictures

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