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Carnival Day 2022: How will it happen?

The month of February has arrived and with it the carnival of 2022, where great expectations always arise. After all, the popular festival usually generates a lot of movement of people and also of the economy in several cities in Brazil.

This year, the organization of the holiday goes through discussions related to the pandemic and little is defined. See below for the dates of the festivities and what is already scheduled.

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What are the Carnival 2022 holiday dates?

Carnival 2022 falls at the end of February and the beginning of March. More precisely, on February 28th and March 1st (Monday and Tuesday, respectively), considered optional points. In addition, Ash Wednesday (02/03) also has an optional point, but until 2 pm.

Parade of the RJ and SP samba schools at Carnival 2022

The traditional performances by the samba schools of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo will take place on alternative dates compared to previous years. The postponement of the parades is part of the efforts of city halls to avoid crowds at a delicate moment of the Covid-19 pandemic in Brazil.

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In practice, the stylized parties, which were scheduled for the end of February, were pushed to the second half of April. Both the schools that are part of the special group in SP and those in RJ will perform on April 22nd and 23rd. Access group parades also take place on close dates, all in the same month.

How is the Carnival 2022 schedule in some Brazilian capitals?

Despite expectations about the festivity, the 2022 carnival is still marked by doubt. The situation in the country in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic is not good and this influences discussions about postponing or canceling the holiday altogether.

In this context, most Brazilian cities have decided to cancel the popular street blocks, including Rio de Janeiro. In addition, many capitals deliberate on the possibility of excluding the holiday this year. THE City Hall of Belo Horizontefor example, decided to make March 1st a working day.

For the Northeastern states, more specifically, the Scientific Committee of the Northeast Consortium advised that the March 1st holiday should also be cancelled, as the idea is that, with the reduction in the size of the holiday, people will avoid promoting agglomerations. So far, no definitive action has been taken on this recommendation.

The fact is, if you plan to enjoy the 2022 carnival in the traditional way, it’s important to be aware of the decisions made by your cities and states. Each prefecture and state has its own stance on how to deal with the situation. Therefore, follow the news on the subject to program yourself correctly.

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