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Carmen Villalobos had to fulfill the painful promise she made to her ex-partner, Sebastián Caicedo

Carmen Villalobosthe star of “Without breasts, there is no paradise”, went through a difficult time in 2022. And, after 13 years of relationship, he separated from Sebastian Caicedo. However, although the end of their relationship was calm, the actress had to give him something very valuable.

The celebrity couple separated last July and confirmed their divorce after being one of the most talked about couples in the media.

Villalobos was in charge of announcing it with a video on social networks, rumors suggest that it was due to infidelity, but the actress did not declare more about it.

In addition, he asked for respect for the hard time that both are going through. And it is that, Carmen Villalobos had to comply with an agreement that she had with Sebastián Caicedo.

Although they did not have children, he did have to give her something very valuable to her, because it was a decision they made together.

The couple never had children while they were married for 13 years, but Carmen and Sebastián owned three puppies that they shared together. One of their agreements, after confirming their divorce, was that after their separation the actress had to say goodbye to one of the dogs.

The heartbreaking promise that Carmen Villalobos made to her was to give her “custody” of one of her three dogs. Capuchin, as the furry one is called, was with the actress until recently, but she had to hand him over to her exbecause this one will move to Medellín to live in a house with a farm and other dogs.

Capuchino already meets Sebastián Caicedo, who showed some photos on his Instagram account with the pet that they both shared.

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