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Carmen Salinas is remembered by family and friends one year after her death with an emotional mass

Carmen Salinas He lost his life at the age of 82 on December 9, 2021 due to a cardiac arrest that originated from a pressure failure, leaving deep pain in family, fans and the artistic community to which he belonged for more than 60 years.

On her first death anniversary, the first Mexican actress was remembered with a mass celebrated on December 9 in Mexico City attended by family and friends. The religious ceremony began at 7:00 p.m. and for this the urn with his ashes was transferred, which was placed in the center of the parish.

In the emotional mass Maria Eugenia Plascenciadaughter of the actress, dedicated a few words in which she highlighted how much they have missed her, because these are difficult moments in which they always try to be united and strong, but it is not always easy.

“He left us a beautiful legacy of love, affection, respect and communication. He left us many values. She will always be remembered, ”she commented before thanking the late actress for the love she always received.

At the end of the mass, Maria Eugenia revealed that it has been difficult for her to assimilate her mother’s departure, even at home she still keeps everything just as she left it, in addition to the fact that this year has been difficult, but she has managed to get ahead thanks to the love that They show all their relatives.

“He has appeared to me in dreams, the ones who have felt his presence have been my daughters. She is with us, ”she mentioned, in addition to confessing that Carmen Salinas has told her in a dream that she is happy with her son.

For his part, Gustavo Brionesnephew of the actress, said through tears that he has not yet managed to overcome the death of the film, theater and television star, but it is at moments like this that he discovers that he is very much needed.

And he was emphatic in pointing out that during her life Carmen Salinas sowed a lot of affection and is grateful that she continues to be in the memory of people, because without a doubt she will always be remembered as a loving woman who offered her support to those who sought her, even for the great heart that he always had for his colleagues in the artistic union and journalists with whom he lived.

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