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Carlos Valenzuela explained the differences between Mexican and Argentine soccer

Mexican soccer constantly adds foreigners to strengthen the tournament. The Liga MX teams generally they look to South America to supply their templates. Xolos de Tijuana signed Carlos Valenzuela from Argentina soccer. The young striker has already played several games in the championship and analyzed the differences with both tournaments.

The former footballer of Barracas Central, a club in the first division of Argentine football, described his first impressions of Liga MX. Valenzuela pointed out the way football is lived in Mexican territory. The forward considers that in Aztec soccer you can feel less pressure and rivalry.

People take soccer as a party, and that’s great, and there in Argentina it’s like if you don’t win a game, everything is bad.. And here clearly you have the obligation to win because oneself likes to win, but I think that people live very differently. The first game that I went out to the field in the warm-up, I saw people from Cruz Azul with Xolos together, and that is not very normal in Argentina”, explained Carlos Valenzuela in an interview with Soccer Total MX.

Carlos Valenzuela has played six games in the MX League. The winger has been able to provide an assist to Xolos de Tijuana since his arrival. The Argentine soccer player accumulates 368 minutes on the field and continues with his period of adaptation to Aztec football.

It was a new challenge for me to continue learning about another League, I believe that this League is going to help me to continue growing in my career and well From here on, try personally to go up and help the team to continue growing”, he added.

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