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Carlos Trejo offers a job to Alfredo Adame: “He is the buffoon of an entire country”

Although Alfredo Adame and Carlos Trejo have been immersed in a wave of bickering, as well as constant fights for yearsthis time the ghostbuster surprised by declaring that he is willing to help his enemy.

In a meeting with the press, the creator of “Cañitas” revealed that he currently has other issues to think about, beyond his problem with the presenter.

To demonstrate this, Carlos Trejo offered support to Alfredo Adame and said he was willing to pay for therapy at the psychiatrist, with the intention of making him stop the actions with which he has earned ridicule on social networks.

“A long time ago I shelved him and the only thing that this man inspires me is pity, it’s the only thing, I said it from the heart, I really said it, that I am in the best disposition to pay for the psychiatric hospital because what a pity that a guy I ended up being the jester of an entire country,” he said.

The ghostbuster insisted that he intends to help Alfredo Adame in a positive way, and has even thought of offering him financial support, or giving him a job.

“Yes, I am in the best disposition to give him financial support and even if possible, give him a job,” said Carlos Trejo bluntly.

Carlos Trejo responds to Alfredo Adame’s challenge to get into the ring

Recently, Alfredo Adame has resumed the topic of getting into a ring and fighting Carlos Trejo, but the ghostbuster assured that he cannot take someone who he considers physically does not have the appropriate conditions.

“He replied that he wanted to get into the ring, but how can you get in with a physically absurd person, I have many things to do, the wedding thing is coming… there are many things to do, my wife is preparing the autobiography, so we don’t have the time to call the attention of this patient,” he said.

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