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Carlos Trejo mocks Alfredo Adame’s new fight: “I pay for the psychiatric hospital”

Carlos Trejo and Alfredo Adame.

Photo: Mezcalent / Mezcalent

Alfredo Adame has gone viral for his recent street fight. Carlos Trejo, known as the ‘Ghostbusters’, has reacted with mockery and saying that He went from holding a lot of resentment and anger “with the desire to get him out of hand”, to feeling compassion and being willing to support him financially so that he could be admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

Trejo is part of Adame’s public enemies. This time he reacted calling him “a human wreck” and a person with possible mental health problems.

“Poor mediocre, the truth is, from having anger against this patient, it turned into pitying me. What a dramatic way to spoil life, that not even his children want it, he is a human wreck ”.

Said the ‘Ghostbusters’ in an interview.

In a conversation with The universal from Mexico, Trejo pointed out that Alfredo Adame’s artistic career would no longer have a solution because with the controversies the actor has taken it upon himself to trample it.

“A guy like that is ashamed, pity and compassionthe reality is that this human being is too rotten,” Trejo asserted.

On his Instagram, the author of “Cañitas” made fun of uploading images of the fight that Adame starred in this week.

The actor claimed to have offered “four tubazos” to the men with whom he had the altercation. However, in the scene he appears to have hit himself and Trejo did not miss it.

“He just stuck. In other words, you have to take care of yourself hahahahahaha ”, he wrote to accompany the video in which the television host is also observed on the floor and moving a tube.

I would pay for psychiatric treatment

In the opinion of the ‘Ghostbusters’, Adame is not in good mental health and would be willing to help him financially so that he receives specialized treatment.

“I would be in the best disposition to help him pay for psychological treatment or psychiatric treatment in a hospital as long as he no longer makes a fool of himself and stops showing compassion and pity. Yes, I would be in the best position for him to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital.
Trejo assured in the interview.

Carlos Trejo, who has had strong differences with Alfredo Adame, on this occasion commented that he cannot imagine how he would leave it if people who do not know how to fight have “madreado” him.

“I’m telling you in a good way, if I see him on the street I’ll get money for him to eat and stop making a fool of himself. He is sick, Imagine, people who don’t know how to fight see how they left it; Now imagine if I grabbed it, I would get hit quite a bit and it will hurt a lot.“, he pointed.
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