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Carlos Hermosillo attacks Potro Gutiérrez and the Cruz Azul board of directors for the team’s crisis: “They gave him middling players and he chose or accepted them”

A symbol of the Celestial Machine, as it is Carlos Hermosillo, Cruz Azul’s all-time top scorer, raised his voice to protest the crisis the team is experiencing and pointed to the DT and the directive as the main responsible.

Through his Twitter account, the former striker attacked the main heads of the team of his loves, because in the Closing Tournament 2023, Cruz Azul is sunk in the penultimate place in the general table of the Liga MX, with only one point out of 15 disputed and without knowing the victory in 5 gamess, after losing 3-1 against Toluca this Sunday on date 6 (they have a match pending).

“ANDIt is shameful what we are experiencing, a point out of 15 disputed. It’s going to cost Raul Gutierrez, It was a bad decision by El Potro, I say it with great affection and respect. Sometimes you want to direct, but you have to see who you have to direct, what are the argumentss. They gave him middling players, and if he chose them, very badly, and if he accepted them, it’s worse“El Grandete de Cerro Azul said angrily.

These men who today run Cruz Azul don’t know what they’re doing. They are dragging an institution, it is painful. They say that through thick and thin you always have to be there, but this gives me a lot of courage. They are destroying a team of great history”, he delimited, referring to the celestial directive.

Finally, Raúl Gutiérrez took some of the blame away, since he mentioned that not even with an elite coach, such as Josep Guardiola, could the CDMX team get ahead.

“Rice with the same, now what are they going to say, so come Guardiola nothing is going to happen, the assembly of the team gives for these results”, he finished.

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