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Carlos Calderón outside ‘Despierta América’ and Univision

Carlos Calderon.

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Carlos Calderón is out of ‘Despierta América’ and Univision… After almost 6 years on the Univision morning show and 25 on the network -with its ins and outs-, This morning the Mexican presenter was informed that he would no longer be part of the company.

If you didn’t see him on Wednesday entering the studio or in ‘Sin Rollos’, it’s because this morning, Upon arriving at the studio, he was informed that his contract, which expired at the end of this month of January, would not be renewed. and that, due to changes within the show, It would no longer be part of ‘Despierta América’.

But not only that, nor from the chain from which he has already been fired on other occasions and has returned like when he participated in ‘El Lente Loco’, ‘El Gordo y la Flaca’, ‘Acceso Máximo’, or ‘Noche de Perros’, among others.

Why was Carlos Calderón separated from ‘Despierta América’?

although many they might assume that the scandal in which he was involved last year with Vanessa Lyon, the mother of his son, could have influencedhas nothing to do with this decision, but with a readjustment within the chain, and within the show, where, of all the presenters, Calderón would be the least committed when it comes to working either with their peers, or with the program itself.

Will anyone else be in ‘Despierta América’?

No, only Calderón would be separated from the show, although there could be more changes in other of the network’s programs. Sometime It was said that each one should fire one of their team, but for the moment only the Mexican fell into bad luck.

Did Calderón know that he would be left out of the show?

No, neither Carlos nor his colleagues were aware that this would happen.. Although Calderón would not have received any invitation to renew his contract either, he had not been told that it was ending until today when he was summoned to human resources to receive the news.

Like the rest of the team, whom they assembled to inform you that Calderón would no longer be part of the family of ‘The Happiest House on Hispanic Television’.

We communicated with Univision to have a reaction from the chainwho limited themselves to confirm the end of Calderón’s participation in the company and that the reasons were the non-renewal of his contract.


Remember that in 2022, Calderón filed a lawsuit against the Venezuelan actress, Vanessa Lyon, mother of her son León, for violence. He accused her of being verbally and physically aggressive. and, although she would have later repented and asked the police not to arrest her, she did call 911 and Lyon did end up booked by the law.

Then came the demand for the possession of León, the DNA request, not because he doubted that it was his son, but as part of the protocol to request to have rights over the child, since Vanessa is a single motherthe couple never got married in fact when she got pregnant, she was still married to the musician Marcus Nand.

He followed Vanessa’s accusation in networks where crying she told that she was separated from her son, that she lived in a friend’s house and that she did not even have to eat. in fact until an account was opened to collect funds and cover expenses even for lawyers. And the constant exposure that Calderón was a ‘narcissist’.

Nevertheless, 6 months later we found them very much in love and happy at the Nodal concert in Miamishocking everyone present. It was in theat the ‘Thanksgiving’ table of ‘Despierta América’, where Calderón broke the silence for the first time and after assuring that it had been the most difficult year of his life, they had decided to return at the request of their baby, 1-year-old Leoncito.

And when everything seemed to be heading in his personal life, 2023 receives it with this new blow, but now in the labor part: being left without a job.


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