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Carin León makes history for Mexico alongside Taylor Swift | VIDEO

Taylor Swift She’s not known for being one of those actresses who’s plagued with collaborations, so when she does do one, it’s certainly an epic moment. Like the one that awaits the Mexican singer, carin leon.

This time the tricolor singer has just announced that he is in talks to work with various international stars, one of the names that stood out was that of the famous American Taylor Swift.

Carin León told the press that he is very excited about everything that is coming for 2023, as he explained that there will be a merger with the Colombian Camilo, the Chilean Mon Laferte and the Spanish Pablo Alborán.

In a video found on the page of the content creator Chamonic3, it can be seen when she describes that He was also one of the guests to participate in the album that Edén Muñoz made for Yuridia in the regional Mexican genre, but due to his times it was not possible..

Regarding the work that he will do with the interpreter of “Anti-Hero”, “Love Story”, “Bad blood” and “Blank Space”, he specified that it is not a duet, but he does not rule out the possibility of uniting his voice to that of the native of Pennsylvania, also said that if there is a project involved and that they will announce it very soon.

“It is not a collaboration, it is a project where we are there, we have many plans for this 2023”described the singer-songwriter.

Carín León has developed exponential growth in recent months, the events that have carried out in the United States so far this year they have achieved a full house, which corroborates that it is placed within the favorite gruperossuch as Grupo Firme, Banda MS, Natanael Cano or Alfredo Olivas to name a few.

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