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Carin León attacks Shakira’s song for Piqué: “It’s a lack of respect” | VIDEO

The song of Shakira and Bizarrap “Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53”, did not go down very well in the opinion of some artists like the Mexican, carin leon. So the tricolor joined the list of stars who criticized the controversial melody against Piqué.

A press conference circulates on social networks in which the Sonoran singer appears and is questioned about the current issue.

During this event, The Mexican interpreter did not limit himself to saying that many people focus on issues that have nothing to do with the artist’s work and that they concentrate on personal life.

“I feel that it is my humble opinion and that many times a weight has been subtracted from music and above all more weight has been given to morbidity, I feel that many times people confuse morbidity with good songs or with good music and at least I am not in favor of gossiping for the release of a song, it is something that for me is disrespectful to music ”


But these comments were not to the liking of several people, much less Shakira’s followers who quickly reacted to the statements of the Mexican regional interpreter.

Some even assure that his career will fall after saying what he thinks about the event, while others say that he identifies with Piqué.

“It is a lack of respect for music because that importance is taken away from it. Music has given me everything, so for me it is very important to be respected, especially coming from such important references as this person. I am very much in favor of making the music that I like, that fills my heart. Before, I searched for the business for a long time, I tried to be stuck, I tried to get to that place, and it never happened until the moment I started doing what I liked, even thinking that it was not going to work”


Carín León has been popularized by pieces such as “La boda del Huitlacoche”, “Que vuelvas”, “No es por acá” and “Me la avente” to mention a few.

His work has been nominated for major awards and was awarded the “Canción Regional Mexicana 2022” award at the last Latin Grammy Awards with the melody “As I did it” in which he participated with the pop band Matisse.

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