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Cardi B invites her husband Offset to a romantic getaway in Jamaica for his birthday

The couple have two children together.

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the rapper Cardi B. invited her husband, also a rapper, Offsetto travel to Jamaica as a romantic getaway, but mainly to celebrate his birthday.

Offset is turning 31 and the rapper uses her Instagram stories to show what they do for the Caribbean country, from riding a golf cart, drinking coconuts, eating on the beach and much more.

In one of the videos, Offset tried to recreate his best Jamaican accent and said, “We’re on the island, catch the island,” causing the rapper to laugh.

In another video of Cardi it is seen that the couple did not travel alone, as his sister Hennessy Carolina, 26, is seen smoking near the pool.

The group arrived on the island in the best style that characterizes rapper Cardi B, by private jet.

wealthy family

A few days ago the singers They gave their 4-year-old daughter $50,000. This was recorded in a video that, given an impressive gift for a young girl, quickly went viral.

the little one Kulture Kiari He turned 4 a few weeks ago and his parents, rappers Cardi B and Offset, demonstrated again how they spend their money.

This fact created controversy on social networks, since in an interview Cardi B assured that she raises her children so that they value hard work, despite the high purchasing power they have.

“Although my children are rich, I want them to know that when you work for things and achieve them, it is more respected. Especially, when people see you busting your ass over it,” she told Vogue Singapore.

In addition to Kulture Kiaria, who was born in 2018, the couple are parents to Wave, who was born in 2021.

But, the rapper is the father of three other children from previous relationships: 7-year-old Kalea and Kody and 12-year-old Jordan.

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