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Card blocked by wrong password box: what to do?

Having the card blocked by the wrong password is a very recurring problem. If you’ve already had your ATM card blocked due to a password error and you don’t know what to do, don’t worry, know that you can solve it through your agency or your cell phone.

There is no need to despair because you think you have lost your bank account. Check below what to do if you have the card blocked by the wrong password!

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Why does the card get blocked when the password is wrong?

It’s absolutely normal to have your card blocked by the wrong password and it’s something that happens more often than we think. You know when you go to the bakery and enter the wrong password and then you continue for more than 2 times, well, the third attempt is the one that blocks the card due to a password error.

Usually, at that moment you panic, I’m sure, and this happens to several people, either due to lack of attention or forgetfulness.

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It’s worth remembering that putting the same password on all your cards can bring you much bigger problems than unlocking your card. This practice is not advisable, although it is normal for many users to do this.

THE Savings Bank, even makes it clear that you should avoid using the same password or passwords with sequentially repeated numbers, as they are more susceptible to fraud and theft. Therefore, follow these recommendations for your own safety.

Card blocking happens for bank security, to protect customer data against fraud and theft, but it is not always for these reasons that the card is blocked. To resolve this, you need to follow some steps that will be explained below.

How to unlock the card?

When the card is blocked by a wrong password, the most recommended procedure is to go to the branch where you have an account, together with your documents and request the unblocking.

Normally, they will give you a password to be served inside the branch, in order to solve the problem of your blocked card at the cashier, with the attendants.

Is there a way to unlock the box card by phone?

This procedure does not always work, but you can also contact us by phone to unblock your card blocked by a wrong password. For this, you will need to call the call center, and the contact numbers are below:

  • Capitals and Metropolitan Regions 4004-0104
  • Other regions 0800-104-0104
  • Customers with hearing and/or speech impairment 0800-882-2492

Services are available 24 hours a day, any day of the week.

Is there a way to unlock the card password at the ATM?

Unfortunately no, it is only possible to unlock the password of your card blocked by the wrong Caixa password in the service inside the agency, next to an attendant at the cashier, where you have an account.

When password attempts reach the limit of three wrong passwords, the card is blocked automatically and you can only unlock your card by contacting Caixa at the numbers mentioned above or going to its branch.

How to unlock card with exceeded attempts

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Therefore, it is important that you pay attention when using your card in establishments, and if possible, avoid entering the password on the third attempt so as not to have your card blocked by the wrong password.

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