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Cara Delevingne on women’s sexuality: “Men don’t have the right tools to deal with women”

Cara Delevingne is very current with Planet Six, a new documentary series exploring sexuality. “In general, men don’t have the right tools to handle women, especially sexually,” says Delevingne in the documentary.

In his new documentary series Planet Six Cara Delevingne explores some of the biggest questions surrounding sexuality, from relationships to attraction and the popularity of pornography.

“Is much more complicated than that”

The first episode of Planet Six is about female pleasure and is the one that has received the most attention, probably because Delevingne in the episode “donates” an orgasm to a research lab in Germany.

In the episode, Cara Delevingne also talks about the so-called “orgasm gap” – that 95 percent of all heterosexual men usually reach orgasm during sex, while the figure is only 65 percent for heterosexual women.

The model gives its view on what this could be due to:

“I feel that, in general, men do not have the right tools to be able to handle women, especially sexually,” she says. “For me, the earliest thing I learned about sex was that man plus woman, penis plus vagina equals orgasm.”

She adds:

“I don’t want to get into the art of making a woman come, but it’s a lot more complicated and fun that way.”

Source: Independent

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