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Car stereo installation price – in 2022

The car stereo market is flooded with many options. If you want to upgrade or the current one no longer works for whatever reason, installing a new one can be done quite easily.

How much does car stereo installation cost?

Usually the installation of the car stereo, not including the stereo system, will cost from €0, if you had to install it at the store where you bought it, up to more than €300 for a device that would have multiple functions and require complex wiring. . This shouldn’t worry you because basic installations will usually only cost between €45 and €100. In the end, the final price will come down to the type of car stereo you choose, the professional or company you choose for installation, and the complexity of the job.

For example, car rig installation and standard speaker installation can cost up to €130 at Geek Squad at Best Buy.

At the same time, Fry’s Electronics offer free basic installations when they run their promotions, and outside of these promotions, the prices will be about the same as what you find on Best Buy (€65 for car bed installation and another €65 for standard installation). installed speakers, if necessary).

Car Stereo Installation Details

Installing a new car stereo includes removing the old one, connecting the wiring harnesses and antenna adapters, and installing the mounting kits to match the dash. If Bluetooth connectivity is needed near your headset, you can also install it at the same time as the rest of the kit.

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When you work with a reputable installer, you may be able to back up their service for the life of your system. This limited warranty covers any problems that develop over time, as long as the unit itself has not been modified in any way by an unauthorized person.

Any additional expense to consider?

If you’re looking to replace your old car stereo, it’s important to be aware of the many prices associated with installation. For example, a separate wiring harness may be needed to connect the new device to the factory wires to avoid cutting the original wire harnesses or removing connections; You may also need to purchase an antenna adapter depending on the type of setup you choose. If there are other parts needed (as a dash kit)all the necessary parts they should add around €40-€60 more.

Some people may be installing new speakers with their car stereo. To install them, you have to spend between €70 and €180, depending on the company you get them from. If an amplifier also needs to be added, the price will range between €100 and €200, depending on the complexity of the job and the number of channels you choose.

Bluetooth microphones are often installed near the visor. They can be sold separately, in which case installation prices may go up. This feature is something worth considering when changing your car stereo if the vehicle has this feature.

Is there a way to spend less?

If you’re shopping for a stereo and want to get it installed for free or cheap, go with the big box retailers. Many of them offer low installation prices if you buy directly from their stores. And don’t forget to ask about any promotions they may have when purchasing these types of kits.

You can install a new sound system on your own with the help of reputable retailers like Crutchfield. If you buy the system from them, they provide all the installation equipment and step-by-step instructions so you don’t have to rely solely on contractors for any work that needs to be done.

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