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Car Models for Indriver: Explore your options!

What models does Indriver Colombia accept?

2008 or later models and 4 doors. Current circulation card.

What car model do they receive in Didi?

2012 or newer model. 4 doors minimum. Vehicle in good condition, without cosmetic damage. Capacity for at least 4 passengers (auxiliaries to the driver).

What car model do you receive in DiDi 2022?:

To work with this application, your vehicle must meet the following characteristics: Be a 2007 model onwards. Possess current SOAT. Being a 4-door car.

What is needed to work at Indriver?

how to start

  1. Download inDrive and sign up. Confirm your phone number and press the button found within the side menu to switch to “Driver” mode.
  2. Choose a travel request.
  3. You are receiving payment instantly.
  4. Receive notifications.

What is Indriver’s profit?

What car models does indriver accept?
According to the survey that was carried out, InDrive is the platform that is charging its registered drivers the least commission, since then its rate is 9.5%. “inDrive lists with a commission of 9.5%, which is the lowest in the market compared to our own competitors.

What car model do you receive at Didi in Colombia?

A vehicle (car/truck) that: Is model 2000 onwards. It has at least 4 doors. Have a private license plate.

What car model do you receive at Beat Colombia?:

Beat: Cars to quarter from 1999, in very good condition, with 2 or 4 doors. Beat Lite: Cars between 1999 and 2003 with 4 doors or 2-door cars from 1999 to 2022, in very good condition. Beat Plus: vans from 2011 or later models (only available in Bogota).

What year does the car have to be for Indriver Costa Rica?

For their part, the cars must be at least four doors, 2009 model or much higher, have air conditioning, Costa Rica brand and Riteve up to date. For this they have the telephone number 4002-3814 enabled from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 10 pm And their offices are in the Boutique Hotel Jade, in Los Yoses.

What model must the car be for InDriver in Colombia?

The car must be a 2007 model from now on, have 4 doors, a minimum capacity of 4 passengers and current SOAT. National identity document that proves that you are over 18 years of age, criminal record, current driver’s license, car ownership card and affiliation to EPS and ARL.

What car models does InDriver accept?

1 Be Driver in Driver.
Basic requirements for the automobile.

  • It can be a private car, public service and taxis.
  • model must be 2008 or later (remember that you have to check the requirements of your country) in the same way there are caveats so we advise you to pass your registration.

How much is an InDriver driver earning in Colombia?

“Driver users pay a fee for the use of the platform that ranges between 6% and 16% depending on whether the service is provided in Bogota, or in cities such as Medellín, Cali, Barranquilla and Bucaramanga,” said Pablo Nieto, Public Affairs Manager Beat Colombia.

What car models do you tolerate in DiDi?

What vehicles are allowed in DiDi?

  • 2012 or newer model.
  • 4 doors minimum.
  • Vehicle in good condition, without cosmetic damage.
  • Capacity for at least 4 passengers (auxiliaries to the driver).
  • Windows and air conditioning with normal functionality.
  • Security belts on every sit.

How many years can a car work in DiDi?

The features of the cars we are currently supporting in DiDi are: 2012 model or newer. 4 doors minimum. In great condition, no cosmetic damage.

How much does a DiDi driver earn on average?

The average salary that a DiDi Driver is receiving per month in Mexico is approximately $12,261, which is 65% above the national average.

How much does DiDi charge for commission 2022?

It represents 16% and is calculated based on what DiDi is receiving per trip. This service fee percentage is the same percentage for each and every driver in the same city and can vary by city.

How much does Indriver pay to work?

InDriver comes to break the market with its own prices where initially the driver is not paying any type of commission for 6 months, only until the seventh month that the driver would have to make a payment between 5 to 9.5% per trip, different to its peers such as Uber or Cabify.

How are the payments in Indriver?

You will receive payment immediately after completing the trip, directly from the passenger, in cash or by bank transfer.

How to work at Indriver Mexico?

Basic requirements to be a driver inDriver

  1. Be of age.
  2. Have a valid driving license.
  3. Official certificate of criminal record.
  4. Upload all the documentation directly through the application.

What cars does DiDi not accept?

What cars does not accept DiDi
Car submerged in water. Vehicles that have an expired registration card. Those cars that do not have an ERT insurance policy. Any vehicle that does not comply with the regulations and legislation of the Mexican Republic.

What year does Uber accept 2022?

Also, those interested in joining the platform must meet minimum requirements, such as having a recent model unit or no more than 10 years old, with an estimated invoice value greater than $200,000 pesos, four doors, seat belts for all passengers, ABS brakes, air bags, without

How much is a DiDi 2022 Colombia owner earning?

This translates into a monthly income of approximately $200,000 “, indicate a quarter of DiDi.

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