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Car for e-bike, France’s policy against climate change • ENTER.CO

France is giving away nothing more and nothing less than 4,000 Euros for those who decide to change their car for an e-bike. This as part of an innovative policy to combat climate change that could well become a global example.

This is a subsidy that the French Government is granting in order to encourage people not to use the car and use more e-bikes as part of its policy against climate change. It is important to point out that for this subsidy those who choose to use conventional bicycles and not only electric ones can also qualify. This applies to lower income households, higher income households can apply for a lower subsidy. This subsidy is not new, it has existed since last year, but recently the value was increased as part of France’s race to catch up with the countries with the largest number of bicycles such as the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.

France’s goal is for 9% of the country to exchange their car for a bicycle by 2024. This policy is inspired by a highly successful program in Lithuania, in which citizens qualify for a subsidy of up to €1,000 for purchase of a new electric bicycle, scooter, moped, motorcycle or even public transport credits, after trading in your old vehicle.

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In addition to the environmental benefits, it’s good to know that regular cycling also has health benefits. Perhaps, that is one of the motivations of the Government of Emmanuel Macron to invest more than 250 million euros to make Paris a completely cycling city. In fact, the recently reelected mayor won by promising to add another 130 kilometers (more than 80 miles) of safe bike trails over the next five years. Perhaps this car-for-e-bike program could work well in cities like Bogotá, where the bicycle has positioned itself as a preferred means of transportation.

Image: Teddy Ost on Unsplash

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