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Captured: the brother of “Mencho” fell; Total madness in Argentina when receiving its heroes

Authorities remain alert awaiting a response from the criminal group after the arrest

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Elements of the secretary of national defense in Mexico reported on the capture ofand Antonio Oseguera Cervantes, brother of Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, alias “Mencho”, leader of the Jalisco cartel, new generation.

The arrest took place in Jalisco during the early hours of Tuesday, December 20, the detainee known as “El Montana”, is designated as alleged logistic operator in charge of money laundering and arms purchase for the powerful criminal group.

Gustavo Rangel, a specialist in immigration and organized crime issues for La Opinión, spoke about what happened.

“Tony Montana is in custody and now he does face the power of justice in Mexico. And he is accused of being the head of this gang, after “Mencho” was jailed. He is in charge of the logistics, the armament of the criminal group and the finances, this arrest is a blunt blow to what this cartel is, ”Rangel said at the outset.

“Until now, the Jalisco cartel has not responded nor have we received reports of revenge activities, but we know that it usually happens. When one of their heads is arrested, violent acts come,” he added.

He said that right now Tony Montana is being transferred and that no further details have been given about his arrest, how it happened and what kind of intelligence the security forces used to find his whereabouts. “Let’s hope that the violent acts that usually accompany these arrests do not come,” closed the professional.

Total madness in Argentina

It is estimated that at least 5 million people They celebrated together with the Argentine soccer team the title of world champions in Buenos Aires. A day that will never be forgotten.

The team led by Messi landed in Buenos Aires at dawn on Tuesday, where thousands of fans were already waiting for him. The caravan left very early with the heroes of Qatar. The crowd grew until it reached the estimated numbers that have already been said.

The caravan tried to reach the Obelisk, an iconic point in the city, but it was impossible for the champion entourage, due to the number of people on the street.

Such was the crowd that the players had to be evacuated from the area by helicopter to greet the fans from the air.

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