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Capsule wardrobe for work: build your own

Create one capsule wardrobe for work it’s not only a smart option in terms of style, but also in terms of saving time (and money). It’s just that opening a closet full of clothes we don’t wear when we’re late in the morning is every woman’s worst nightmare, right?

How did the capsule wardrobe concept come about?

According to some image and style consultants, the capsule wardrobe concept emerged in the 70s, by the hand of Susie Faux.

The basis was defined in the sense of building a wardrobe with the essential pieces – timeless basics of good quality and in neutral colors – and adding one or another trend piece to them, in order to create beautiful and current coordinates.

It was then that the American designer Donna Karan bet on the concept, presenting a collection of just seven pieces that combined perfectly with each other, that it began to become famous and to gain fans all over the world. It was 1985 and we were facing a true fashion revolution.

Consequently, the idea of ​​building a capsule wardrobe is not new but is back in vogue, especially in an era where there is a tacit appeal to more conscious consumption. Although we want to look beautiful and love clothes, we also care about the environment and, therefore, the path towards more sustainable fashion seems to be inevitable. And still good.

And because having beautiful pieces that go well together is particularly good so you don’t have to waste a lot of time choosing what to wear, we’ve put together the essential clothes for a work capsule wardrobe.

The idea is that you can, with key pieces, build beautiful and stylish looks. What will be reflected in closet more harmonious and, in the long term, savings. This is because, when we decide to start a wardrobe like this, we don’t feel like consuming it on impulse. Here, every purchase makes sense and every piece plays an important role.

Ready to arrive at work in style?

Capsule wardrobe for work: 7 essential pieces

And an essential in any capsule wardrobe for work is the one that tops our list: a pair of black pants, of course. Choose ones that fit you well and that you feel comfortable with.

You’ll be able to wear them with white shirts, with blouses and even with tops and a blazer on top.

And the best part is that you can also wear them at the weekend, in more relaxed outfits.

Our suggestion is synonymous with comfort and elegance, and has been all the rage among Portuguese women. They are handmade, in a small business that has already led to the opening of a physical store and an online store. If you still don’t know the Paz model, by The Lady Blue brand in partnership with the architect and influencer Joana Luis, you will like it. They cost €64 and you can order here??

The white shirt is another classic essential in any woman’s wardrobe (regardless of age), especially when it comes to work clothes. Therefore, our suggestion is that you invest in two or three, in good fabrics and with an impeccable fit.

Choose, for example, a belted one, an oversized one and one with some detail. As white shirts allow countless combinations, you will be able to create very beautiful and different looks with them, for work.

Is there any woman who can face work days without a good blazer? They are the solution to make any outfit more beautiful and elegant.

So, invest in one with a good cut and a good fabric, even if it is more expensive. In the long run, you’ll realize that it pays to have a good quality piece, rather than several that after a month look questionable.

If you want, run away from black and white and bet on a camel. It works with everything you wear but, at the same time, it’s different.

It’s not always easy to choose feminine pieces for work looks, but the midi skirts are the certainty of an elegant and professional coordinate.

To give some color to your closet, bet on a print. You can wear it with the white shirt that will look perfect.

And the best part is that you can also wear it on weekends, with a t-shirt and sneakers.

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They are one of the most democratic pieces in any closet and, therefore, could not be missing when we think of looks to work with.

the best of jeans, in addition to comfort, is versatility. You can wear them with all types of shirts and blouses, as well as any type of shoe that will work. I mean, it’s really essential.

Go for a straight, timeless cut and avoid low waists or designs that are deliberately torn or stained. Look for a pair of classic jeans that you’re going to love, because they’re going to be one of the pieces you’re going to wear the most.

Betting on a dress in a neutral color, when the theme is the wardrobe for work, is a very smart option. In addition to being a piece that you can wear at any time of the year (in winter with tights and jacket, and in summer with sandals), it is very comfortable and practical.

Polka dots are a timeless pattern, so betting on a shirt with this print is a good idea. To wear with black, white or, of course, your favorite jeans.

Of course, a capsule wardrobe can, and should, have more pieces (it can be 15, 30, 60 or whatever you need to make you feel comfortable), but these are the structural ones. In other words, they cannot be missed.

And now that we’ve already motivated you to have an exclusive wardrobe to look beautiful at work, what are you waiting for to donate the pieces you no longer use?

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