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Canva will be a suite just like Adobe • ENTER.CO

Canva is now the flagship app for entrepreneurs, students, and users who are passionate about graphic design but have little knowledge about it. The application that is better known as a website, has a wide range of tools and functions to create ads, posts, flayers, etc. But, the company doesn’t want to settle for just one app.

At its recent ‘Canva Create’ event, the company announced that a set of new products will be released very soon to complete the company’s ‘suite’. Within the new application offer we find: Canva Docs, Canva Website, Canva Whiteboards, Data Visualization; the latter is part of the company’s recent acquisition of Flourish. Let’s look at each product separately.

Canva Docs, as the name suggests, will be a site very similar to ‘Google Docs’. However, when TechCrunch asked Cliff Obrecht, Canva’s co-founder and COO, about the resemblance of ‘Canva Docs’ to Google’s product, he commented that the company does not intend to compete with enterprise giants like Google. In return, the company perceives its new products as a visual companion for these types of tools. “Our products are inherently visual, so we take a very visual perspective: what does a visual document look like? How do you turn that boring text-based document into something beautiful?” Obrecht commented.

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Said like this, we can expect an application that is indeed dedicated to written documents, but that aims for a more visual design. Continuing with ‘Canva Website’, it will be an application that allows the design and creation of web pages. For its part, ‘Canva Whiteboards’ will be a series of blank boards that you can use in virtual presentations, classes, etc. As for ‘Data visualization’ we can think of a tool that allows us to collect and distribute data.

Likewise, Obrecht maintained that: “the products of the Canva work suite are interoperable, so if you make a presentation, you can also turn it into a document or a website.” Something that is undoubtedly innovative and will please the public, because in one place you can carry out the entire operation of a company or an academic project.

Lastly, the company announced that it will expand its print offerings and integrate background removal technology for videos. While for Canva Presentations, launched last year, the company in charge argued that a remote control feature is coming. That said, presenters will be able to connect devices such as cell phones to use as a virtual clicker, so they can follow presentations with a pointer.

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