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Canva already has its own word processor • ENTER.CO

Canva does not stop reinventing itself and now it has just announced that they will have their own word processor that will conveniently be called Canva Docs.

This was revealed during the inaugural Canva Create event that took place this week. Of course, this new development of the platform comes to share with the particularity of other processors such as Google Docs. This processor is the latest addition to the company’s suite of design tools. These now come repackaged in Visual Worksuite.

Like other tools, this one seeks that users can work simultaneously on documents. Of course, this will allow you to increase your anxiety levels a bit by seeing how your editing is marking your article in real time. Docs has spell checker support and also supports languages ​​other than English, including non-Latin characters.

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Unsurprisingly, Docs’ differentiating focus is on the visual design themes that already set the company apart. Therefore, the platform will allow the user to choose between several format templates. Additionally, Canva’s Docs to Decks feature will allow you to automatically reformat a document to make it into a presentation. Of course, you can edit it later if necessary.

Other features include the ability to embed other Canva projects into these documents. They will look like presentations, videos, or even digital whiteboards. In fact, a few days ago Canva launched the tool called Whiteboards that competes with Miro that allows users to collaborate remotely in an infinite workspace. These projects will be able to be placed in a Canva Docs and even edited directly.

While Docs was the main draw, it was also clear that the company is teasing other tools like its video editor, background removal, a presentation remote, and template integration from the Flourish data visualization platform.

Image: Canva

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