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Can’t lose weight? Here are the 4 blocks that prevent you from losing weight

Have you tried to lose weight many times but you can’t?

exist psychological blocks that prevent you from losing weight.

Beyond good will and rigid diets, you must understand if it really is the right time.

Here we present the 4 obstacles that you must overcome in order to finally achieve the results you expect.

You can’t lose weight: the reasons

You’ve tried everything, but with mediocre results.

You want to take care of yourself with a healthy and balanced diet but you fall very easily into temptation. You are not the only one. Many people have your same problems, due to psychological blocks that prevent you from reaching your goals.

You have tried many diets, you have given up many things, you have fasted, but your weight on the scale remains the same.

Perhaps the mystery is in your head and must be “discovered” delicately, as the naturopath says Marielle Alix.

“It is as if for your mind, excess weight is necessary to survive. But it’s not like that”

To free yourself from the continuous hunger stimuli, from sugar dependency or from the habit of snacking uncontrollably, you have to understand what happens in your brain, what prevents you from freeing yourself from slavery to food.

1. Extra kilos: an unconscious benefit

A part of your unconscious does not want to give up the other kilos, it considers them as a protection against the dangers of life.

Basically, food is consolation, especially when everything seems to be too difficult, when you are a prisoner of stress. Food helps you, you let go and you feel better.

To identify these unconscious benefits and free yourself from them, you can write in a notebook when you have hunger pangs, how and towards which foods, and how you feel before and after eating them.

It is a way to have a greater awareness of the reasons that lead you to suffer from these hunger attacks.

2. Food as an anti-stress

At any age, the brain constantly searches for avoid pain and negative emotions.

Eating is often a way to limit psychological pain, related to stress, anxiety, and deep wounds.

“It’s stronger than me! I can’t resist” are affirmations that you frequently make when you fall into temptation and break your diet.

Actually, you don’t want to get rid of the extra kilos because you think that food protects you from problems. But this is only an illusion.

3. Food as an antidote to being well

Being in tune with yourself, taking care of your body and mind and feeling good: this is your goal. The first question to ask yourself is: how am I going to replace food, after-hours snacks, or sudden attacks of hunger? With what relaxes you or you like to do the most:

  • a hot bath
  • Read a book
  • a chat with friends
  • Watch a movie

In short, you must find a different pleasure than food.

You have to learn to handle emotions differently, without triggering them with food consumption.

Whether positive or negative, try not suppress thembut always express them.

4. Strengthens self-esteem

Rule number one should be: love yourself more, reinforce your self-esteem.

Before embarking on the path to lose weight, you have to regain your confidence in yourself. It is essential to lose weight.

Focus on your qualities, on what you manage to do well, on the people who surround you and love you.

If you tend to only remember the negative things in your life, then start writing down the positive ones. Once clearly written, they will be more concrete and give you the push to start.

Making the decision to lose weight, to follow a healthier and more balanced diet, like the one proposed by Manzanaroja, is an act of self-love.

It is not about starting a path of deprivation and giving up, but about embracing a new lifestyle that will bring benefits for your body and your soul. To do so, you must free yourself from all the weights you carry.

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