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Canopy bed: models, how to choose

The bed is the main room in the room. It serves to provide a pleasant night’s sleep and also plays a leading role in environment decoration🇧🇷

Curtains create an intimate atmosphere. (Photo: Disclosure)

Anyone who wants to leave the bedroom with a noble and elegant look can bet on the canopy bed🇧🇷 The main characteristic of this piece of furniture is the curtains that surround the space reserved for the resident’s rest.

The four-poster bed is inspired by the accommodations of royalty and has a dramatic effect🇧🇷 Before purchasing furniture, residents need to consider factors such as room size, style, structure and other decorative elements present in the environment.

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Check out some tips below for choose the canopy bed right🇧🇷

• The four-poster bed is a perfect choice for those looking to create an intimate and romantic atmosphere in their bedroom.

• Before buying a bed, it is essential to measure the width, length and height of the room. With this information, it is easier to find a proportional piece of furniture.

• So that the feeling of space in the room is not impaired, it is recommended to avoid curtains with many details. The lighter and lighter the fabric, the better the result.

The bed matches the classic and romantic style. (Photo: Disclosure)

• A canopy bed is not always indicated for small rooms, as it makes it difficult for residents to circulate.

• When the canopy curtains are attached directly to the ceiling, they create the feeling that the room is higher.

• The canopy is the solution for the bedroom that suffers from the presence of insects.

•Among the main materials used to make the canopy, it is worth mentioning voile, chiffon and tulle.

• The canopy is mainly recommended for the Female roombut it can also appear in the double bedroom.

• On the market, it is possible to find beds that value a more classic style or that explore contemporary lines. To choose the best model, the resident needs to consider others bedroom furniture and seek a dialogue.

Canopy bed for children’s bedroom. (Photo: Disclosure)

• Those who have claustrophobia, that is, who do not like to stay in a closed environment, can opt for a fabric that allows you to see out of bed.

• If the canopy is not attached to the ceiling, it can be attached with decorative ties to the bed frame.

• It’s possible decorate canopy bed exploring a color system or fabric types.

• One of the simplest ways to create a canopy is using a mosquito net.

• The canopy bed can be made from different materials such as wood and iron.

See below for a selection of canopy bed pictures and get inspired by the models:

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