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‘Canelo’ Álvarez finally paid a bet to Adela Micha

Canelo Alvarez attends a 2023 NBA game.

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After the journalist Adela Micha claimed Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez for “not having a word” when it came to settling a bet, the Mexican boxer finally fulfilled his debt and settled the commitment. The communicator reappeared in La Saga, a program broadcast on her YouTube channel, with an expensive bottle of Petrus brand wine. Although the affectionate message that Micha dedicated to the boxer does not highlight the price of the liquor, it may be close to $5,200 dollars.

“At the end of January I had my bottle. (Canelo) He is a man of his word. Do you remember my bet? I had not said publicly that he kept his word and did it like a real man. I brought the bottle so that it is publicly known.”Adele recounted.

Micha stressed that he has a very good relationship with Álvarez and stated that he will keep the bottle to share it at some point and drink it with the boxer. “I told him ‘I’ll save it so we can take it together.’ I love Canelo with all my heart. I thanked him personally, but he had not made it known.

In November 2022, ‘Canelo’ held an interview with Adela Micha and after talking about various topics they fell into the Mexican soccer team. Both ended up sealing a bet concerning the transit of Mexico in the World Cup.

“I’ll buy you a bottle of Petrus if they make it to the final and you buy me a bottle of Petrus if they don’t make it to the final,” the journalist proposed at the time.

After the prompt elimination of the Tri in Qatar, months later the communicator reminded the boxer that he had to comply with the agreement and took advantage of the microphones of “Adela told me” to send him a joking message. “Canelo has not paid me. Do not disappoint me. The truth, Canelo, you are very bad because the word is kept, you have to honor it and gambling bets are honor bets, ”she said.

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