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Candles For Party Decoration

Looking for innovative ideas to decorate a party and how about using party decoration candles🇧🇷 So know that candles usually help to create an interesting look in the space where the event takes place. These articles decorate with delicacy, originality and contribute to a subdued, cozy lighting effect.

Candles for Party Decoration (Photo: M de Mulher/April)

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Candles For Party Decoration

At party decoration candles can be found for sale in various models, and it is up to the person responsible for the project to choose the most suitable option for the party. The examples vary in terms of size, shape, color and finish, but almost always function as a way to innovate the atmosphere of a space. Regardless of the design of the candle, it probably has the ability to evoke feelings in guests.

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You can use it in other types of parties (Photo: M de Mulher/Abril)

You can use it in other types of parties (Photo: M de Mulher/Abril)

The most formal and classic parties usually bet on candles as elements of refinement, delicacy and sophistication. By setting a party with decorative candles, it is possible to create a charming and enveloping romantic atmosphere.

The effect of candles in the decoration perfectly matches the wedding party. The event celebrates the union of two people who love each other, so the candle lights promise to highlight the romantic atmosphere characteristic of the celebration. There are several models that can be explored in this sense, such as floating candles, bars, cachepots, among many others.

candles for wedding decoration

The wedding decorator needs to consider the existence of other decorative elements in his project, such as floral arrangements, curtains and tablecloths. The lighting made by candles cannot compromise the other aspects of the decoration, everything needs to be involving and in perfect balance with the love of the bride and groom.

types of wedding candles

Check out some types of candles that can be used in the decoration of wedding parties:

🇧🇷 Candles in Cachepós: ideal for decorating small tables and providing a pleasant light effect for guests. They are usually made by hand, thus combining various colors or even illustrative motifs. Using this candle model as a centerpiece, there is no need for flowers.

🇧🇷 Floating Candles: available in different colors and formats, they are able to decorate the party tables with elegance and beauty. The container with water can include both candles and some rose petals, thus enhancing the romantic mood. Floating candles typically have a rounded design and help create an alluring atmosphere with their flowing lights and movements.

Wedding with decorative candles (Photo: M de Mulher/Abril)

Wedding with decorative candles (Photo: M de Mulher/Abril)

🇧🇷 lantern candles: they are perfect for lighting both the inside and the outside of a wedding party. They can be combined with floral arrangements or even inserted into certain containers, such as lamps or even specific supports.

– Bar candles: considered the simplest, but with greater versatility in decorating parties. They are used in assembling arrangements, centerpieces and even in external decoration. They can be attached to chandeliers or other types of supports, such as hanging or comic.

Candles for party decoration don’t offer a wonderful lighting effect just for wedding. They also help to decorate other types of events, such as Christmas dinners, debutante balls, graduations and theme parties that need a more romantic atmosphere. When choosing the design of the candle, it is recommended to follow the same aesthetic pattern so as not to make mistakes in the decoration. Be creative, authentic and, above all, have good taste when choosing the model of handmade candle that will dictate the direction of the party’s lighting.

Candles for 15th birthday party decoration

15th birthday party (Photo: M de Mulher/April)

15th birthday party (Photo: M de Mulher/April)

When decorating a 15th birthday party, there’s no secret. The wedding part and the decorative elements are much more worrisome. In the case of the 15th birthday party, the ideal is always to use creativity and look for pieces or objects that the girl or boy likes to assemble the candle. It is worth making the candle an important decorative element at the party, always giving an air of elegance to the environment.

Candles in graduation decor

At graduation, candles with different shapes are welcome. Remember that the graduation party is nice to have a consensus on the format that will be used, since the party involves several people. Here, creativity runs wild and, unlike other events, this one people don’t notice so much.

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Flavored candles: how to use them in decoration?

Scented candles are always welcome, but there are times and times when they can be used or not. The ideal, for example, is to use this candle well before the wedding party, for example. These scented candles prepare all the air in the room and you don’t need to put them on when people are there, because in some cases, they are lit when people arrive at the party.

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