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Cancer Season 2022: the time of year begins where you will be most sensitive and emotional

Cancer season will officially start on June 21 right with the summer solstice, the longest day of 2022, this means that during the next astrological month you will feel more emotional and sensitive. In addition to being the time of year where feelings surface more, it is also a period of new cycles and restarts.

Cancer is the first cardinal sign and the first of water, for this reason cosmically June 21 is the start of the second half of the yearNow is the right time to refocus our efforts on the New Year’s resolutions we haven’t yet fulfilled and review those that have changed.

The energy of the fourth sign of the zodiac speaks of feeling protected, like this we may wish to spend more time in the comfort of home and bond with close family members. Cancer is intuitive, so the energy of the Sun strengthens the senses and intuition, this means that our instincts will be more accurate, astrologers explained to Refinery29.

The first half of the year is usually busy and fast, from now on, it will have to be more leisurely. Cancer energy asks us to relax and slow down to recharge, clear the mind and foster physical and emotional connections.

Astrologers talk about understanding ourselves and the environment around us from a deeper, more emotional level, adding that this astrological month is perfect for working on inner healing and healing family problems.

These days it is also normal to feel more nostalgic than usual, the memories of the past will be present, which we can take advantage of to review which wounds have not been healed and work on unresolved grudges.

Key dates of the Cancer season

Key dates of the Cancer cycle include June 21, the day of the summer solstice and which marks the beginning of this astrological month and where we will begin to feel the cosmic seasonal change.

On July 1, Mars in Aries will square Pluto.astrologers predict that small problems could escalate into big problems so that we will see significant events on a global scale in the news.

The Sun and Mercury will form a sextile with Uranus on July 10 and 13warning that a time of great technological advances is coming.

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