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Cancer Ascendant: how it influences your zodiac sign

One of the most important aspects in the natal chart, along with the Sun and Moon sign, is the Ascendant. This is the one that was located on the horizon at the time of your birth and the one that is in the first astrological house. When your ascendant is Cancer, your “external self” adopts the characteristics of this zodiac sign..

The rising sign represents how you project yourself to the world, the first impression, how you are perceived by others and your physical appearance. A) Yes, your general traits as a Cancer rising are being loving, emotional, creative, unpredictable, temperamental, and prone to negative thinking.

You are intuitive and others perceive you as someone who protects and cares for everyone. You adopt the maternal role and stick to family values. For this reason, they see you as someone demanding, but affectionate.

As for your particular characteristics, these will depend on the influence of your sun sign. Next, discover how being a Cancer ascendant influences your zodiac sign, according to the opinion of experts at Astrocentro.

Aries rising Cancer

They have an impulsive and sensitive character. They have a hard time managing anger, this because they are often overcome by emotions. However, they inherit the creative qualities of Cancer and are brave to achieve their goals.

Taurus rising Cancer

He is generous and socially oriented. The couple, family and friends are very important in his life. Although they experience emotions intensely, Taurus energy allows them to stay centered.

Gemini with Cancer ascendant

They are always looking for someone to love and support, it can be a partner, a friend, a relative, a colleague or even a stranger. They need to feel loved, so breakups are too sensitive a subject. On the other hand, the combined energy of Gemini and Cancer gives you the power of adaptation and emotional analysis of group situations.

Cancer with Cancer ascendant

The qualities of Cancer are duplicated, so they are hypersensitive people, for this reason, they withdraw when others try to get to know them. Although they are very friendly, they do not allow it to be perceived as a weakness, which is why they hide behind an antisocial shell. They lack the ruthlessness to make difficult decisions.

Leo with Cancer rising

They are passionate, but stubborn. They do not let others advise them because they always want to play the role of wise advisers. His nature is sensitive, but romantic. In addition, they know exactly what they want and are one of those who settle for little.

Virgo with Cancer ascendant

Dreamy and rational beings at the same time. His personality is contradictory, but it is part of his charm. While she loves the idea of ​​pursuing her desires, he doesn’t want to take any chances. Because of their wisdom, they are people who inspire confidence.

Libra with Cancer rising

Their personality is charming and romantic, they find it easy to make friends since feeling loved lifts their hearts. When they fall in love, they are indecisive and always question whether they are right. Cancer reinforces the need for peace and harmony that Libra needs.

Scorpio rising Cancer

The character of these people is sensitive, emotional and empathic. They have the ability to perceive what other people feel when they enter an argument. They are quick and cunning, so they are efficient at what they do.

Sagittarius rising Cancer

They live excited by the adventure. They flee from boredom and have strong ambitions. Their personality is positive, they manage to always see the bright side of life no matter how difficult the circumstances are.

Capricorn with Cancer ascendant

They have a hard time trusting people, so they are very independent and lonely. You put up a lot of emotional walls to keep them from entering your heart. They are determined people who will do anything to succeed.

Aquarius rising Cancer

They like to rely solely on themselves. It thrives when they feel free, that is, love the concept of total independence. However, they love to make friends and feel accompanied.

Pisces with Cancer ascendant

His personality is mysterious, sensitive and idealistic. Their main fear is not finding love, however, they are very lucky romantically. This aspect has the most creative and imaginative people.

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