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Canadian Alphonso Davies got Messi’s shirt, something he couldn’t do after the 8-2 loss against Barcelona

Lionel Messi, PSG player.


Alphonso Davies was present at Bayern Munich’s scandalous win against FC Barcelona 8-2, it is for this reason that he could not ask his idol, Lionel Messi, for the shirt on that occasion. However, after the game between the German giant and PSG, on the day of the UEFA Champions League, the Canadian winger got his much-loved shirt.

“I was a little upset” Davies said in 2020 after Bayern’s monumental review against Barcelona remembered by many followers. In addition, the same side of the German team explained how it is that I hoped I would get it next time.

On this occasion, after the game between the Germans and the French, after the final whistle, it was possible to see how Davies approached the Argentine star, and after asking him for the shirtit was seen how the winger who represented Canada in the Qatar 2022 World Cup obtained the ’30’ from Messi.

The game ended 1-0 in favor of the Teutonic team thanks to their dominance in the game and on the scoreboard with a Kingsley Coman goal in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League round of 16which has condemned the French team to perform what is expected to be a great feat in the return in Germany so as not to jeopardize his season at international level.

Alphonso Davies, the happiest man for Messi’s shirt, and who had replaced Cancelo on the break, served the far post for them to eat, with the inside of the footso that his partner shot on goal and, with the complicity of Donnarumma, opened the scoring at 53.

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