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Can you use cell phones purchased outside of Colombia in the country? • ENTER.CO

There are those who decide to buy a cell phone abroad to use them in Colombia, but there are those who do not do so for fear of not being able to use it in the country. If you are one of those who do not know if foreign cell phones work or not, we have an answer: yes, all cell phones purchased abroad will be functional in Colombia. Of course, you must follow a whole process so that your mobile is not reported and works perfectly.

The first thing you should know is that in Colombia there is a regulation that requires that all cell phones that enter the country be registered. But, when a cell phone is purchased abroad, many times it is not registered in our country. If this is your case, you must complete the homologation process. The first thing you should do is confirm whether or not the phone is approved on the CRC page. Generally, “old” model phones are already approved, while new ones are not; however, you will need to check whether or not it is approved.

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How to carry out the homologation?

First, you must keep in mind the exact model of the cell phone that you are going to homologate, usually, the correct name is different from the commercial name. You can find it on the cell phone label on the battery, in the box or in the internal configuration of the equipment. When you fill in this information on the page of the Communications Regulation Commission (CRC), you will be told whether or not it is approved. If you require approval, you must do the following.

Go to the CRC homologation page. At the bottom you must accept the Terms and conditions of data processing if you agree with them. After entering, the page will redirect you to a form that you must fill out until the end. Within it you will be asked for the TAC (the first 8 digits of the IMEI) Likewise, you can attach the equipment label if you wish. And that’s it, once you have finished filling out the form, the homologation certificate will be sent to the CRC.

If you do not do the homologation, the phone will be reported and therefore blocked, so it will not work for you anywhere in the country.

Image: Pixabay

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