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Can you receive Solidarity Income for Nequi? • ENTER.CO

In the midst of the global crisis that arose as a result of Covid-19, the National Government made the decision to create Solidarity Income, an economic subsidy for low-income families. There are at least 3 million families benefiting from the 32 departments of Colombia. This subsidy is delivered through a bank account, but if families do not have an account, digital wallets are a good option.

But what are digital wallets? They are applications that you can download from a phone, computer or tablet. The most widely used in the country are Nequi, DaviPlata, Movii, Bancamía, etc. One of the biggest benefits of these wallets is that you do not need to have a bank account to access them. Said like this, you will be able to open an account in Nequi to receive the Solidarity Income money there.

In fact, the National Government established that Nequi is part of the banks where this subsidy can be claimed. Now, you must bear in mind that you cannot select the entity where the subsidy is paid to you, this selection is made directly by the Government through the National Planning Department (DNP). So, if you were selected to receive Solidarity Income and you have a bank account, the Government makes the payment to your account and the bank communicates directly with you. If, on the other hand, the Government detects that you do not have an active bank account, you will receive a text message on your cell phone informing you that you are a beneficiary, so you must open an account.

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In this case, you can open a wallet in Nequi if you wish. Once you have your account enabled, the National Government makes the connection and Nequi will notify you when the money is available in your account. If you are not sure whether or not you are a Solidarity Income beneficiary, you can call 01 8000 95 11 00 or send an email to income[email protected] .

What do I do if I receive my Solidarity Income in Nequi but I don’t have a smartphone?

You can first try to open your Nequi on the cell phone of a relative or trusted person. You must do it with your cell phone number and your personal information. If you cannot access this option, Nequi informs the Government that it is not possible to give you the money due to the lack of a smartphone. Then, they will assign you an entity where you do not need a cell phone. For more information you can review this section of questions and answers from the bank.

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