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Can you be fat and healthy at the same time?

The concept that you can be fat and healthy is wrong. This has been shown by a study of Parity, breastfeeding and risk of coronary heart disease: A pan-European case–cohort study, published in the medical journal European Heart Journalwhich yields some important conclusions about the concept of «healthy fat».

Some other previous publications showed that obesity is not always accompanied by problems such as cholesterol, diabetes or hypertension. However, medical research has shown that being overweight always, absolutely always, implies some health problems.

According to this study, even when an obese person has normal blood sugar, blood pressure or cholesterol values, being overweight increases the risk of coronary heart disease by up to 26% in those who are overweight. In the case of those who suffer from obesity, the risk increases by 28%.

According to the authors of the study, “there is no such thing as a healthy chubby.” In some cases, these people may have apparently normal values ​​of some health indicators. However, the risk of heart disease is always higher.

The risk of developing heart disease increases with increasing excess body mass

This conclusion refers to those metabolically healthy people with obesity. When they are not metabolically healthy (which is usually the case) the risks are even greater.

For this study, which is the largest ever conducted on the relationship between obesity and metabolic factors and risk of heart disease, data from more than 7,600 adults who experienced coronary heart disease were analyzed. These were classified based on Body Mass Index (BMI) as well as their metabolic health. Data from 10,000 healthy controls were also analyzed to represent the general health of the population.

The samples were obtained from the largest European prospective investigation into nutrition and cancer, with data from more than half a million people in 10 European countries.

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